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Minor League free agents …

Baseball America compiled a list of Minor League free agents by club on Tuesday, and the Angels had 18. Among the notables is center fielder Jeremy Moore, who played in eight games with the Angels in 2011, was invited to Spring Training earlier this year and missed all of 2012 after undergoing hip surgery.

Here’s the full slate from the publication …

RHP: Adam Russell (AAA), Sean White (AAA)
LHP: Manuel Flores (HiA), Matt Meyer (AAA), Greg Smith (AAA)
C: Alberto Rosario (AA), Carson Vitale (LoA)
1B: Paul McAnulty (AA)
2B: Renny Osuna (AA)
3B: Jimmy Swift (AAA)
SS: Ryan Barba (HiA), Ed Lucas (AAA), Darwin Perez (AA)
OF: Cory Aldridge (AAA), Angel Castillo (AA), Trevor Crowe (AAA), Doug Deeds (AAA), Moore (AAA)


Question of the Day, 5/9 …

 Do you see any big changes to fix up the bullpen? Or ride the ship with what they have? — @rud6y

I don’t anticipate any big changes to fix the ‘pen, at least not until we get closer to the non-waiver Trade Deadline, for a few reasons: 1. It’s hard to swing big deals at this point in the year (especially for relief help nobody seems to have) because so many teams still don’t know if they’re competitors or not; 2. You only trade away valuable assets to beef up a bullpen if you know you’re going to compete — and the Angels (14-18) don’t know that themselves yet.

The fact they were able to acquire Ernesto Frieri was a big accomplishment. They’ve also added low-profile guys like David Pauley (recently called up to take LaTroy Hawkins‘ place), Sean White (signed Monday) and Juan Rincon (2.12 ERA in 17 AAA innings) to Minor League deals in hopes some of them work out. My presumption is that’s all you’ll continue to see for the time being. Besides, it’s not the bullpen that’s the biggest area of concern right now. It’s the offense. And that needs to fix itself.


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