Extension with Street ‘still possible’ …

Opening Day is here, but a contract extension with Huston Street is “still possible,” Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto said.

“There were no deadlines in place,” Dipoto said prior to Monday’s game from Safeco Field. ‘We’re continuing to discuss. He wants to be here, we want him here. We’re not in a rush to get to anything, and we never will.”

Street, self-represented, is entering his final season before free agency and has been in casual negotiations with the Angels about an extension since the early stages of the offseason. The veteran closer previously said he would only continue to negotiate an extension past Opening Day if both sides have the parameters in place, but there’s no indication if that’s the case.

Street, who declined to speak with the media prior to Monday’s game, was initially seeking a four-year deal between $36 million and $46 million. One of those years would ideally replace his $7 million salary for the 2015 season, and that can still happen, as long as he finishes the year making his new salary. A higher salary in 2015 would be more beneficial to the Angels because they have $10 million to $15 million of wiggle room below the luxury-tax threshold.

“We have all year to negotiate with Huston,” Dipoto said, “and as long as he’s going to remain open to the possibility, so are we. But it’s not something that we have predetermined is going to happen, nor has he. We’re staying open to the possibility.”

The Angels were previously in a holding pattern while waiting on clarity regarding Josh Hamilton‘s situation. The fact he won’t be suspended means they get no additional salary relief, which may impact how much they’re willing to pay Street. But both sides remain interested, and they seem willing to keep negotiating.

Dipoto said the talks have had a “friendly tone.”

“We’re not hard-core negotiation at a table staring at each other trying to find whether we will or we won’t,” he said.



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