Scioscia on Hamilton, Richards, Trout, the team …

Angels manager Mike Scioscia met with the media on Thursday, the day pitchers and catchers reported for their physicals. He admitted “it’s going to be a little bit of a tougher chore” to make up for the loss of Howie Kendrick at second base, but believes the bullpen is “light years” ahead of where it was at this time last year.

“Obviously the personnel has been shifted a little bit,” Sciosica said. “In some areas we’re younger with a lot of upside, and in some areas we’re going to have to work hard to create depth.”

  • Josh Hamilton is currently in Houston rehabbing his right AC joint, which was surgically repaired in early February. Scioscia doesn’t know when he’ll report to Spring Training, and isn’t really sure if he’ll report with the rest of the position players on Tuesday. “Right now he’s just doing rehab there; I don’t know what his schedule is going to be,” Scioscia said. “It’s obviously a lengthy rehab.”
  • Garrett Richards hasn’t thrown off the mound again since Monday, when he threw all fastballs from the stretch. “He’s transitioning to full weight-bearing on the field this week,” Scioscia said. “The last five percent is always the toughest to get back, so I think we’re going to have to watch Garrett closely and just see where he is. But his rehab so far has been remarkable.”
  • Scioscia has “put a lot of time into” where to hit Mike Trout this year, and it looks like right now he’s leaning towards keeping him in the No. 2 spot. “The 2 spot for him, especially with our group of guys, really fits us right now.” Matt Joyce can be a fit at the No. 2 spot, allowing Trout to bat third, but Scioscia doesn’t seem like a fan of stacking two lefties at the top (Kole Calhoun and Joyce).
  • C.J. Cron and David Freese had minor surgeries this offseason. Cron had a cyst removed from his right wrist and Freese had his left ankle cleaned up. Both should be uninhibited in Spring Training.

— Alden

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