The Angels without Josh …

Josh HamiltonThe Angels announced Tuesday that Josh Hamilton will undergo surgery in the AC joint of his right shoulder, a procedure that comes with an estimated recovery time of six to eight weeks.

Eight weeks from Wednesday, which is when the surgery will take place in Texas, is April 1, still five days before Opening Day. But Jerry Dipoto called a return by Opening Day “a little aggressive.” In all likelihood, Hamilton will start the season on the disabled list and the Angels will hope to have him back at some point before the end of April.

Until then, a lineup that is already without Howie Kendrick — the man who filled in for Hamilton at the cleanup spot down the stretch last season — will try to carry on without him. Dipoto said the Angels will not be looking for outside help to fill his absence.

So, here’s my guess on how the Angels will stack up against righties in the meantime …

Kole Calhoun, RF
Mike Trout, CF
Albert Pujols, 1B
Matt Joyce, LF
David Freese, 3B
Erick Aybar, SS
C.J. Cron, DH
A 2B to be named later
Chris Iannetta, C

And against lefties …

Kole Calhoun, RF
Collin Cowgill, LF
Mike Trout, CF
Albert Pujols, 1B
David Freese, 3B
Erick Aybar, SS
C.J. Cron, DH
A 2B to be named later
Chris Iannetta, C

Some additional things to keep in mind about Hamilton’s latest setback …

  • The Angels were looking at moving Trout to the No. 3 spot full time this year, with Joyce looking like an ideal candidate to bat second. But with the left-handed-hitting Hamilton out, the Angels may opt not to bat two left-handed-hitters, Calhoun and Joyce, back-to-back. They may prefer to spread them out and bat Joyce in the middle of the order, which would keep Trout in the No. 2 spot temporarily.
  • Though it wasn’t the main reason he was hired, the Angels were hoping that Hamilton could benefit from being around his old accountability partner, Johnny Narron, during Spring Training. But by the time Hamilton gets into baseball activities, Narron may be working with the Minor Leaguers, getting ready to be the hitting coach for the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees.
  • What kind of impact can surgery have on Hamilton? One glaring positive and one glaring negative stick out. The torque of Hamilton’s left-handed swing led to arthritis in his shoulder in the first place, and a surgery like this — minimal as it may seem — could sap his power, in much of the same way right thumb surgery seemed to early in the season. On the positive side, Hamilton’s ailments in his right rib cage and upper back throughout September stemmed from aggravating his AC joint while fielding a liner off the wall on Sept. 4. Getting the shoulder taken care of may fix all of that.

That’s the Angels’ hope, at least.



Hope you recover quickly josh the Angels will miss you take a easy.

I think that Trout will end up to be their no. 3 hitter.

Recover quickly so he can get hurt longer again.

A. Josh being out for a 6 week period is nothing too severe even if he plays good this year. The team has a great assortment of backup outfielders.

B. Trout doesn’t need to move to the 3 spot. He is perfect for the 2 hole in the lineup. It’s the perfect spot for a hybrid power-speed player like Trout. He has hit really well there the last 2 years too. If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

A: I agree.
B: I disagree. The Angels need as many chances as they can get to have Trout come to the plate with runners on base, especially with runners in scoring position. Without a clear clean-up hitter in your line-up, it only makes sense to mave trout to the #3 spot and Albert to the #4 spot. Calhoun in the leadoff spot & Cowgill/Joyce platoon in the #2 spot will give Trout and Pujols every opportunity to drive in a ton of runs this year.

joyce hitting 4? that’s refreshing!

Hamilton has been a total bust. Good riddance. I like that Cron will get ABs from this.

cj douchcanoe wilson is going to crater this year as well.

CJ Cron will have a breakout season 2015. Watch this player. He is very powerful.
He just has to cut down on his strike outs. I believe , he will.

I was tied with Josh for HRs hit at Angel Stadium last year.

but did you have as many strikeouts?

I just don’t see how he can heal, rehab properly and then get the needed AB reps for timing and be back in April. It’s very possible we’re talking about June if you want this guy to truly be 100% and build adequate strength in the shoulder to the point he doesn’t hurt himself on his vicious upper cut swing. The team will manage without him in the meantime. Joyce is a strong first half player.

don’t forget his head. That is the biggest problem

They didn’t know he would need surgery in January? Damn we are already starting in the hole….I hoped this would be the year Josh snapped out of his slump and returned to MVP form

Hope he makes it all the way back but doesn’t look good!

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