Trying to clear up this ‘light wave’ stuff …

lightsNobody really knows when it started, or why it even became a thing. But some time around late May — or maybe it was early June — a group of Angels fans thought it’d be a good idea to start shining the LED lights of their smartphones in the late stages of night games at Angel Stadium. It started with a small segment of the crowd, then grew more and more prominent until it spread throughout the ballpark on almost a regular basis.

On Thursday night, in a packed house for a tight division race and in front of the national-TV cameras of MLB Network, the phase became a talking point like never before, with A’s fans and even several media members chalking it up as a strategic, somewhat-disrespectful ploy to distract the Oakland hitters.

So, I thought it’d be a good idea to clear a couple of things up: The craze is nothing new, and it’s actually something Angels fans often do when their own hitters are up in the box.

You can argue that it’s silly, and you’d probably be right. But it doesn’t seem to be strategic, and the hitters actually don’t seem to have a problem with it. I asked Albert Pujols about it earlier in the year, because it seemed the light wave grew really intense during one of his seventh-inning at-bats, and he said he didn’t even notice it. Howie Kendrick said the same thing a few nights later, when it was his turn to bat while lights blinked throughout the ballpark.

“You don’t really notice it, because the batter’s eye is so big here,” Kendrick said, referring to the large patch of grass that sits beyond the center-field fence.

The Angels’ official Twitter account has a hashtag for it, as you probably noticed last night, which reads #LightWave. But they said they’ve never promoted the event and that they tweet it out only as a reaction to it happening — not as a signal for fans to do it.

“It’s something that has been at our ballpark for a few months now,” said Tim Mead, Angels vice president of communications. “Last night was not unique. And quite honestly, when it first started, it was unique to us regarding its origin, as it is each and every time it happens. … There’s no rhyme or reason to when it happens.”

The problem, as some have pointed out, would come if fans start bringing laser pointers and point them in the direction of the players. That would cross the line.



Tim Mead is a tool. A total buffoon.

There is no better way to publicly declare your own buffoonery than to call Tim Mead a buffoon.

Agreed 100% Rick. Tim Mead is and has been perhaps the most positive, honest and approachable member of a generally excellent Angels FO for a very long time. For anyone to say such a thing (and under an anonymous moniker no less) suggests a complete lack of intelligence and class.

I think that Tim Mead is a valued longtime member of the Angel’s organization and should be accorded a little respect.

It started during Angels Social Media Night. We turn them on during the 7th. Angels even post on their Twitter to begin the Light Wave.

The light wave started June 25, 2014 when it was half way to Christmas and the stadium was all decorated for Christmas. Since this time, the light wave has continued for almost every home game.

This is complete bullsh*t. When the teams Twitter account tweets and reminds more fans to do it then it becomes seriously unacceptable and just because the Angels’ players are used to it does NOT mean that visiting team’s hitters are. The Angels’ organization as I was told on twitter is responsible for inventing some really annoying stuff – the rally monkey, snuggies, thundersticks and the light wave. While the first three are just ridiculous, they are not distractions. Some might say the noise is but the noise could just be people cheering – they’re the same thing. But the flickering lights?? That’s just playing dirty and being that the organization promoted they should be forced to put a stop to it. It’s pretty sad that the Angels have to result to dirty tricks and gimmicks to win and in no way can this be justified no matter how hard you try Mr. Gonzalez. But it’s ok. The A’s are above that – they can claim nine World Series title and that’s a bit more impressive than snuggies or being shady by promoting the light wave. – the A’s also now have Karma on their side. And you can ask Manny Machado about that …. Karma can be a b*tch.

I’m not. My boys aren’t really hitting. That’s the truth but you can’t deny what Aybar did was obvious and dirty! And the light wave is completely ridiculous BULLSHIT! I don’t mind losing because my boys are not hitting. I’m not stupid, I have fucking EYES! But Karma is a Bitch … and the Angels will get what they deserve for playing hella dirty, cheater baseball … Maybe we should just call ’em the Black Socks … or the Devils … because it is TRUE! You’ve seen the replay – TIME TO STOP BEING IN DENIAL.

Even better you couldn’t but a real name now could you bro? What a COWARD! Goes right along with being a dirty, cheating part of the Angels organization. They are so afraid of the A’s that even though we are not hitting that they need to cheat to win. PATHETIC!

You’re a joke! Blaming a few flickering lights on losing?? I suppose the lights also caused the errors in tonight’s game too. Pathetic!


I’m not BLAMING ANYONE but the A’s for losing. I am just simply stating the FACTS …the Angels play DIRTY! It’s the truth. If anyone is pathetic that would be you “SOMEONE” can’t even use a real name now can you COWARD! THAT IS JUST SAD AND EXTREMELY PATHETIC!

Just remember Karma’s a bitch and she’s coming for you and the Angels. If you reply back to me …do me a favor. Be brave enough to USE A REAL NAME! Loser!

I smell a bitch.

Well I SEE a cowardly asshole!

Now, before I block you … Mr. anonymous … I will say it one more time …. COWARD – can’t even use his real or even a fake name! I’ve met trolls before but they were smarter than you – wow and that is saying something. Maybe someday you should try stepping out from behind the computer screen and walk out of your mother’s basement … try being a man and not hiding and trying to be rude to people from behind it … the computer makes it a whole lot easier for you doesn’t it. You sad, pathetic little piece of crap …. I ALMOST feel sorry for you. The basement must be kinda dark and I know you must be afraid of the dark.

Does anyone else think it is brave to use an anonymous name to be able to be a prick to everyone else? Yeah I didn’t think so. At least I will use my actual name and picture. I’m not hiding from the world in my mother’s basement. Everyone can find out where I sit at games or where I am and come up to me and say it to my face but this pathetic loser can be an ass from behind a computer …. that’s just sad, pathetic and cowardly, dontcha think?

You’re kind of sad.

No i believe you are describing your pathetic self.

If it was distracting to the players don’t you think that somebody who actually plays as a visitor would’ve complained? Do you really think those cheesy cellphone camera LED lights compare to the ones that light the field? Obviously the players don’t notice it, as there are no seats in center field. When they are hitting they are focusing on the ball, not looking into the crowd.

LOL WOW. did she just say that the Angels play DIRTY?! Aybar? DIRTY?! Boy, I wish that were actually TRUE because they need a little grit and grime in their step. But see they are FAR from dirty…. because they are one of the classiest, most well-respected organizations in the league, top to bottom. Scioscia’s got these guys playing great baseball… there’s no denying that.

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