Do the Angels need to answer the A’s? …

Arte Moreno, Jerry Dipoto, Mike SciosciaAngels general manager Jerry Dipoto has kept his focus on the bullpen. He wants to acquire a situational lefty, and he wants to get another potential closer to solidify a game’s last nine outs. But the Angels haven’t seemed willing to part ways with a package of prospects — what little they have in a farm system they’re still trying to cultivate — and they haven’t sounded like an organization that wants to take on a high-salaried pitcher, a la Cliff Lee and David Price, because it would kill their payroll flexibility and leave them little or no room to address the ‘pen the way they want.

Did that thinking change on Independence Day?

As the Angels were wrapping up the second of a four-game series against the Astros at home on Friday night, the division-rival A’s set off fireworks, acquiring starters Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel from the Cubs for pitcher Dan Straily, a couple of nice prospects (shortstop Addison Russell and outfielder Billy McKinney) and a player to be named later. A team that leads the Majors in winning percentage and run-differential just got a whole lot better. A pitching staff that’s second in the American League in ERA and WHIP got a whole lot stronger.

The Angels are playing very solid baseball lately, winning 11 of 14 after Mike Trout‘s walk-off homer and trailing the A’s by 3 1/2 games for the best record in the AL. But the A’s seemingly took a few more steps forward on Friday, and winning your division is crucial with the expanded playoffs that now include a Wild Card game; the last thing you want is for a 162-game season to ultimately come down to one elimination game.

So do the Angels need to scrap their initial Trade Deadline plans and go after an elite starting pitcher? Do they need to fortify their rotation — one with a solid 3.70 ERA, but also some uncertainties — to keep up with the A’s?

Arte Moreno, Mike Scioscia and Dipoto have some thinking to do.


I’ll be taking some vacation time these next couple of weeks. Matthew DeFranks will cover for me at home July 5-9 and 18-20, Lyle Spencer will cover for me in Texas July 10-13, and I’ll be back at it July 21, for the series opener against the Orioles. Be well.



The ANGELS need to hang on to what they got down on the farm and what they got in this years draft. DIP oto has striped the farm system bare. If they can find a decent bullpen piece for cash considerations instead of trading away the farm go for it. Otherwise work with what you have and manufacture a closer on the farm

Dipoto didn’t stripe the farm system bare. Reagins did that. All Dipoto did was not keep 2 first round picks after signing Pujols and Hamilton.

Trade Kendrick n play Green at second.

No trades, no trades, no trades…and…no trades. For God’s sake no trades!

Trading core players right now would be a huge mistake. The clubhouse has a strong chemistry right now and trading guys would disrupt that. Any trading done needs to come from the minor leagues, but what is left there is either too valuable or not worth a whole lot. Any new blood brought in will likely be from the FA pile.

I say bring back Nolan Ryan and Frank Tanana..

The biggest weakness is the Angels management. I bet the other general managers just start smiling when Idioto’s name shows up on their phones or he walks into the room. Talk about a sheep to the slaughter, It seems that he really enjoys getting fleeced. I can see it now …. Some combination of Cron, Calhoun and Conger for a used up Huston Street or something alse as ridiculous.

You’re flawed logic on who we should trade is what got the Angels in this position. At the moment Cron, and Calhoun and playing really well for the Angels. Cron has become to the go to DH for the most part and Calhoun is showing us why he should be the lead off guy. Conger is OK, but Iannetta cannot play all of the games without a break. The Angels are in this situation because of Reagins not knowing how to manage his team and trading players for big name washed up players like you’re saying the Angels should do. Dipoto hasn’t be all that bad the only thing that has happened with him is that there were 2 big players signed and we lost the first round picks.

What makes you think that? This is just dumb

Who’d a thunk it. A rocket scientist and a brain surgeon respond to my post. Unfortunately neither one of them read the post and apparently don’t have a sense of humor either. Oh well!!!!!! Want to try again?????????? Maybe read it first this time. Hint, there is some irony involved.

What do you think about bringing back John Lackey? Red Sox might get nothing if he retires next year. I think the east coast media has really gotten to him, and he would be comfortable with Scioscia.

Can Baylor teach Albert how tonot hit intl dbl plays, does no good for Trout to get on if they don’t have him steal as Albert can only hit ground balls to third!

There he goes again, another dbl play. Way to go Albert. Should move him to the bottom over the batting order!

Is this the Black Sox scandals all over again?

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