MRI on Mike Trout’s back is clean …

The genesis of Mike Trout’s back ailment is still a mystery, but a serious injury can now be ruled out.

Prior to Wednesday’s game, Trout got a clean MRI on his back, which forced him to miss games on Saturday and Sunday and then get removed from the lineup after just one inning during the following game on Tuesday. The Angels’ center fielder was told he merely has inflammation in his mid-left back, an ailment that isn’t expected to land him on the disabled list.

Said Trout: “It’s definitely good news.”

Trout was out of the lineup on Wednesday and said he’s “not going to do much today, probably just go throw and see if I can hit in the cage.”

“I’ll see how I feel tomorrow,” Trout said. “Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.”

Trout was scratched from the lineup on Saturday, after initially being listed as the designated hitter, then missed the Sunday afternoon game, got treatment during the team’s off day on Monday and felt good during pregame batting practice on Tuesday, prompting him to be inserted in that day’s lineup – then get removed after a first-inning strikeout.

But the 22-year-old admitted that “yesterday before the game I still felt it.”

Now, he won’t play until he knows for sure that he can go.

“If I don’t feel it at all, I’ll play,” Trout said. “I just have to be smart about it.

“It was bothering me yesterday during the game, and I was pretty happy I woke up and it wasn’t worse. That’s always a good thing.”

— Alden

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