Calhoun finds his mojo at the leadoff spot …

Kole CalhounKole Calhoun‘s return to the leadoff spot was merely a byproduct of Albert Pujols missing his first game of the season.

But it may have gotten him going nonetheless.

Calhoun entered Thursday’s game 1-for-19 since coming off a six-week rehabilitation from a sprained right ankle, then went 2-for-4 in the 7-5 win over the Mariners, hitting a double, drawing two walks and scoring three runs. The 26-year-old right fielder believes returning to the leadoff spot played a part in feeling better than he has at the plate since coming off the DL, becuase it forced him to take pitches and be more patient.

“Your typical leadoff hitter is going to try to get on base, let these guys know what the starting pitcher has, especially early in the game,” Calhoun said. “I saw six pitches my first at-bat, laid off some close ones in my second and third at-bats. That’s something personally I need to do, and it’s good for the team. I set the table and had a good night.”

Calhoun entered the season as the team’s leadoff hitter, and hit there for 11 of his first 14 games.

Asked if he’ll continue to ride Calhoun at the leadoff spot, Angels manager Mike Scioscia said: “I think we’ll mix and match a little bit. He did a good job tonight. When he gets comfortable, we talked about him hitting at the top. Against leftie,s we got some guys who are doing a pretty good job getting on base, too. We’ll have some options.”

Translation: Calhoun may actually sit over the next two games, as the A’s start the series with lefties Drew Pomeranz and Tommy Milone. Calhoun has hit lefties well in his career, but Scioscia has been going with Grant Green and Collin Cowgill in the outfield corners in those situations.



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Now if only we could figure out why Freese is still batting in the clean-up #4 spot. His .289 slugging pct. is lower than everybody else on the roster. I don’t get why Kendrick, Cron, or Pujols have not been used more for the clean-up while Hamilton has been out.

Aybar leading off in front of Trout again, you’d think Scoscia would have a better understanding of baseball strategy. Aybar, a .325 lifetime OB%, this year has led off the game 20 times, and has a .150 OB%. Trout gets on base 40% of the time, and steals successfully 88% of the time. In other words, if you play it right, Trout should be on second base with no out in the first inning close to 40% of the time. Now factor in the chances of scoring with runner on 2nd and no out, and winning the game when you score first, and the mathematics of baseball says get freaking Aybar out of the lead off spot, and put Trout back there where he’s had his most success.

Calhoun is the perfect #2 hitter, most of you are adept enough to understand why you want a lefty hitter with a good batting eye up after Trout and before Pujos, and also understand the folly of putting Trout before Pujols, where any ground ball is a double play, and for some reason, refuse to run Trout with Pujols hitting.

why not raul go.cron and green are hitting better and laying bettet defense

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