Angels will give instant replay a test run …

Mike SciosciaMike Scioscia was among those who met with Joe Torre, MLB’s executive vice president of baseball operations, regarding expanded instant replay on Monday. Asked how the meeting went, the Angels’ manager said: “Obviously informative. There’s a whole list of things that are reviewable and things that aren’t, that can be challenged and not challenged. We’ll just have to get up to speed on that and go from there.”

Boundary calls and home-plate collisions are reviewable, but can’t be challenged; it’ll be up to an umpire’s discretion to determine whether or not to review those plays. The Angels will be using Spring Training to get up to speed internally on how they’ll go about determining which calls to challenge in-season. In addition, Major League Baseball has designated a variety of Spring Training games as “replay games,” where managers will actually be given challenges in order to practice. A dress rehearsal, of sorts.

The Angels have 14 such games. They are …

March 4, vs. Rangers
March 6, vs. Dodgers
March 7, vs. Cubs (SS)
March 8, vs. D-backs
March 9, vs. Reds
March 10, at Indians
March 11, vs. Mariners
March 14, at Padres
March 15, at Rockies
March 19, at White Sox
March 25, at Cubs
March 27, at Dodgers (Freeway Series)
March 28, at Dodgers (Freeway Series)
March 29, vs. Dodgers (Freeway Series)

Here’s a breakdown of expanded replay. And here are some additional notes from camp on Tuesday …

  • Jered Weaver is slated to start the Angels’ Cactus League opener against the Cubs on Friday.
  • No word yet on who will follow Weaver in the order; Scioscia is waiting to see how the other starters come out of their first “up-down” sessions. “Up-downs” involves starters pitching an inning’s worth of live batting practice, sitting down while someone else does the same, then getting up again and throwing one more, kind of like a simulated game. This is the first time the Angels have done this under Scioscia, and they abandoned live BP entirely last spring. The point is to get them in game mode earlier in spring.
  • Scioscia believes the new collision rules, officially approved Monday, are still “a work in progress,” but doesn’t think it’ll change things too much for catchers, adding: “I think the distinction is going to be to make sure you have the ball in your possession. And you have to stay closer to the tag lane because you have to wait for the ball longer.”



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