Angels fall short (OK, way short) on Tanaka …

MasahiroTanakaThe Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes are over, and after all the speculation and all the anticipation, he wound up with the team that seemed to make the most sense from the onset: The Yankees, who badly need pitching, can spend with the best of them, will hardly have to pay Alex Rodriguez in 2014 and have now abandoned any faint hopes to get under the $189 million luxury tax.

The Angels still hold on to those expectations.

They have roughly $15 million of wiggle room before surpassing that tax threshold, which is enough money to sign a free-agent starting pitcher but ultimately wasn’t enough to even compete for Tanaka. The Yankees got him on a seven-year, $155 million contract, with an opt-out after the fourth year, according to Ken Rosenthal.

The Angels knew Tanaka well and liked him a lot, but for them, any deal in excess of $100 million meant going over the tax. With Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton combining to make $196 million over the next four years, and Mike Trout one year away from making major dollars, another mega contract was just too much of a gamble for them. That’s probably why they didn’t bother to meet with him in California two weeks ago, or why they weren’t among the five teams to reportedly submit an offer; the chances were too slim.

So, what now?

In a word (or two), Matt Garza.

The Angels have targeted Garza ever since Jason Vargas signed with the Royals in late November. The two actually share the same agent, Nez Balelo, who also represents third baseman David Freese, who filed an arbitration number $1.9 million higher than what the Angels filed last week. Small world, right? Garza has always seemed a lot more realistic than Tanaka because the contract and the amount of suitors are smaller, but the Angels still aren’t expected to overpay. Agree with it or not, they don’t feel they have to add another starter after acquiring two young, cost-controlled lefties in Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago for Mark Trumbo, a duo that joins Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson and Garrett Richards in the projected rotation.

I don’t expect the Tanaka signing to impact Garza’s price. They’re on two completely different stratospheres. But one potential ripple effect is that the Diamondbacks have liked Garza for a while, and they have money to burn after not being able to sign Tanaka or Shin-Soo Choo. A resolution could come soon (you know, since we’re like three weeks away from Spring Training).

If Garza’s price demands don’t go down, then the Angels will move on to the next tier, to the likes of Bronson Arroyo and Chris Capuano and Paul Maholm. Chances are, they’ll add someone this month. But I think they’ll wait for a fair price (and this is the month for fair prices). They still aren’t expected to give up a Draft pick in order to sign Ubaldo Jimenez or Ervin Santana.

Nobody wants to hear this, but if they don’t feel comfortable with any of the free-agent-salary demands, they can always keep their remaining funds and wait ’til next year, when Max Scherzer, James Shields and Jon Lester will make up a much more talented free-agent crop of starters.



angels did not even make an offer on tanaka. why would mr. gonzalez say we fell short? the team just wanted us fans to believe we had a chance. boo!

So negative so early in the morning – this is a win for the Angels – they have the horses to run this year, and if they add one more vet pitcher, they look solid. Wait until next year – good pitching will be available. These guys are going to be fun to watch this year.

Like your thoughts. But I really think they have, as you said, “the horses to run”, right now, without adding anyone.
Lock our home grown homey for 12. Better yet Arte, go for the brass ring, shock the world, bring the kid in for the 15, and make our Angels the most envied franchise in the world.

I think Alden was just indicating that the team was in the early running for Tanaka. Which is true. They just dropped out last week, just before the formal bids were announced. There was nothing wrong with what Alden said. The Angels were not the only team to drop out just a few days before the formal bids were offered.

twist all you want. still, they did not fall short. they did not even attempt to climb.

I told all you Angel honks that the angels would not get anybody….they are conceding 2014 waiting for pitchers in 2015 to be available….look for another dismal year, I would save your money on season tix this year.

So they didn’t acquire Skaggs, Santiago, Salas, Smith, Freese, and Ibanez. Hmm, I might have to check which team’s offseason I’m watching.

I told all you Angel Honks that they would do nothing notable….they just want the fans to buy season tickets, draw 3 mill fans they will concede this year, and wait until 2015 if the sold enough tickets for the available pitching free agents…this will hurt by them not going to win in 2014, as if Trout is smart, he will go where the money is…NY. The angels will say they really didn’t need his power like they did with Trumbo and pick up some washed up pitchers to appease the fans again…..

The problem with that is that the smart choice is not to wait for the Yankees to pay him. He would have to wait 4 years and despite arbitration going to pay him well, Trout needs to lock up that first big contract. The money is not in NY for 4 more years.

Garza is done, and a waste of money…..note the Texas Rangers don’t want him back, aren’t even going to make an offer…..why would we want him? Lets just stick with what we got, and see how it plays out. There is 2015…………..

Why spend money on players who have proven to be mediocre at best? Give a prospect a shot at the majors; if he doesn’t play well, send him down and bring up another, and so on until one gets the job done.

and if nobody gets the job done?

The issue with that is that our rotation as it stands projects to have three prospects already. The next person to get brought up is Joe Blanton. So who else do we propose to bring up?

Mark Mulder is an option if he makes the team. Wade LeBlanc as well. Matt Shoemaker. FYI, the A’s had almost a full rotation of prospects and won the last 2 division titles. Keeping Blanton out of the rotation makes a major difference. Going by the current rotation’s 2013 ERAs in the 1-4 spots (Weaver, Wilson, Richards, Santiago, Skaggs), the Angels would need roughly a 4.80 ERA in the 5 spot to match the Red Sox starting rotation ERA, which was 4th in the AL, and 4th among the 4 AL playoff teams. That should actually give us a good idea of what the Angels really need, which is one league average or better SP to solidify the back end and ensure depth. Mulder can fit that role. Santiago has versatility and can be flip-flopped between the rotation and bullpen. Also, Blanton is probably not giving us the same historically bad performance he did in 2013. But he will not be in the rotation. I can see him being better as a reliever; he does still do well the first time through any batting order he faces. Just a 4.50 ERA from him would be a major upgrade in his spot from last season. Plus, fans need to remember that Weaver was out for 7 weeks, and a healthy Weaver makes a major difference already, on top of Blanton being out of the rotation. 3 of 5 current SP in the rotation had ERAs below 4.00 in 2013. 5 of the top 7 relievers on the Angels’ bullpen depth chart had ERAs under 4.00. The Angels have a much better pitching staff than 2013.

In regards to your A’s reference, they have one of the deepest minor league systems when it comes to pitching prospects. You can’t compare LeBlanc, Shoemaker, and Mulder to Parker, Gray, Griffin, Straily, Milone, etc.

Makes the most sense Arturo.

Your thinking correctly. Unfortunately, around here, as Chris Calloway told an outgunned Shane, “your going up against a stacked deck”
They’ll probably hang our people out to dry, turn around and sign Garza or Arroyo, who will turn THEM around and whack them on the side of the head.

some fans want another lost season and weaver is 21, pujols 24 and hammer 22.
hope they know how to think!

What does that even mean?

For those weeping and wailing about not signing Tanaka, take a deep breath and some meds. The “need to do something” is not the “need to do something STUPID.” and 7 years at $22m/yr for a pitcher who has NEVER thrown a pitch in MLB with a MLB regulation-size baseball, and has significant wear on his albeit young arm is–STUPID. The Yankees have clearly learned nothing from the A-Roid debacle (and now CC, who was a mediocre pitcher last year and appears in rapid decline). While Garza clearly has exciting “stuff,” he’s also a career .500 pitcher (69-69) who has spent significant time on the DL the past 3 seasons. Any team going more than 3 years at $36-39m for him is STUPID. I’d rather see them use what they’ve got (pray for Mulder Miracle, both Santiago and Skaggs Miracle, or “other”), get a low-cost 1-year signing, or use smoke and mirrors, then find out what Trout will cost next year when the Wells/Blanton $ is back and enter a better FA market then (as Alden notes).

Totaly agree!!!

I am NOT a moreno fan. But, NOT taking Tanaka was as astute move.

Artie and the Mrs. are, according to their neighbor, separated. The Mrs. owns 50% of the team….ugh oh!

What does that, if even true, have to do with anything. Take it to TMZ clown.

Lets call YOU the frightened coward, ms. anonymous. Lol. If the wife owns half the team, maybe artie cant afford the Player.

lol, oh so you are one of those sensitive types when called out for stupid ish! Funny since you are the person gossiping like female…

Have you even looked at the payroll? Hint: It ain’t going down…

Last anyone checked, we don’t have access to any prenup or what control she even has. Like I said, take that “stuff” to TMZ.

Only a woman would suggest TMZ!!!

Go back to your soap operas or finish my laundry woman!

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