Dipoto: ‘Fair amount’ of interest in his hitters

Masahiro TanakaJerry Dipoto addressed reporters from Day 2 of the General Managers’ Meetings in Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday, and our very own Ken Gurnick was there. Here’s what he had to say …

On Masahiro Tanaka’s upside

“I don’t know about putting a cap on what he can be. He’s still so young and he’s faced the greatest hitters in the world on big stages. I’m not here to say he’s a No. 1 or No. 2. He’ll let you know. He’s attractive to lot of teams because of his ability. To get a young player with that ability can be attractive to lot of teams. We’ve scouted him, we know who he is. He’s tremendous. One of the best pitchers in the world, I’m sure. But it’s still to be determined if he’s coming over here.”

On the interest level in his hitters

“There’s been a fair amount. We’ve got a talented group. Our offensive players are fairly accomplished, some at a very young age. There have been a lot of inquiries on a lot of them. We’ve not predetermined to move any of them. We are open to solve our needs that are more on the pitching side than the offensive side.”

On Jason Vargas

“Obviously we have interest in bringing him back and the interest is mutual from him. Now we’ll let the process play out in free agency. He’s earned that. We’ll allow him to see what’s out there and we’re interested in him, and it seem that’s his preference, too.”

On Albert Pujols’ progress

“Albert is doing great. He’s taking live BP tomorrow (in the Dominican Republic). He’s swinging aggressively; 60 to 70 swings every other day. No problem with the knee or the foot to the best of our knowledge. His rehab has gone very well. Part of the reason he didn’t play in September was to have the procedure to make sure he had a normal offseason to come into Spring Training  with fewer questions. Last year he was coming into Training [following offseason] knee surgery. This year, he should come in feeling 100 percent. All indications are that’s possible.”



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But Albert did not have the procedure on his foot, from what i understand. The plantar fascia tendon supposedly tore completely. Somehow , i think if he has another horrible start, he will be using the foot as an excuse. Thus, he will end up having surgery in June or July, and miss the rest of the season.

Pingback….see what I mean,,,the LAA said there would be “NO surgery needed”, and that he didn’t need surgery….today, they say he had a “procedure”…ALL BS and SPIN.

Well the surgery for that tendon is exactly that they just cut the tendon their is no rebuilding and no scar tissue. But the down side is that cutting the tendon doesn’t guarantee that he will not feel pain it is like a 50/50 chance that the surgery is successful.

The one thing that is for sure….Jerry is a good guy, a solid and Knowledgeable Baseball man…but, he has learned the art of lying and spin from the best, LAA owner arte moreno. They NEVER tell the truth.

REHAB, often entails a lot of different procedures than don’t require surgery… Reading for comprehension…. try it..

Thanks for pointing that out…

I believe that the Angels can be very much improved (and save money) by doing a few things: 1. Sign Navarro to catch – he really hits left handed pitching! He only made 1.3m last year. Something like 3 years for 8 million might do it. 2. Sign Justin Morneau – he is still very effective against right handed pitchers, and he is a good fielder. He’s probably available for 5m for one year until Cron is absolutely ready. 3. Trade Trumbo to Boston for Middlebrooks and Doubront, two young talented and inexpensive players. You’ll save about 4m with this move. 4. Aybar and Bourjous to St Louis for Kozma and Shelby Miller You’ll save about 25m with this trade. 5. Kendrick to Atlanta for Minor or Wood and Carpenter saves another 18m 6. Blanton, Jerome, and cash (5m) to Minn for Fien only saves another 5m 6. Ianetta and Shuck to Toronto for Strohman. This saves another 10m. Now with the money you’ve saved you can either resign Vargas or, better yet, try to sign Tanaka. And, if Eric Chavez is available for about 3m, he’d be good, and so would an outfielder who can play center (C Young?) But McCann – NO !

Wow. So you want to add a third catcher (that we don’t need) and trade away Trumbo, Aybar, Borjous, Kendrick and Shuck. You’re playing too much Fantasy League. This is real baseball.

由于我完全不同观测,一些专业词汇就看的似懂非懂的。所以想请教一下下面这句话的正确的翻译:”Mass loss from cool giants and sienrguapts is evidenced by P Cygni profiles in optical spectra, by the 10 μm silicate feature in IR spectra, and by maser line emission from OH and other molecules in radio-frequency spectra.“

Someone is on drugs up there!!!! He’s not playing Fantasy League, he’s posing as an Angel Fan. I say the sign Nathan for 2 plus an option for $24mil. Re-sign Vargas. I think Shuck or Calhoun plus Ianetta and Cron can get us a good # 4 starter or a couple of top pitching prospects from a team like the Rays. Re-sign Saunders….bring him back!!! He could be had for $5mil on a one year contract. I think we’ll good to go!! Aybar, Borjous, Trout, Pujols, Hamilton, Kendrick, Trumbo, Conger, 3rd baseman…..that would be a pretty solid line-up. A lot of swing n misses, but still, solid! Jared, Wilson, Richards, Vargas, Saunders….fairly good! Nathan, Fieri, Burnett, Del Ra Rosa, Jepson, Williams, Kohn….great bullpen!

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