Angels sign Volstad to Minor League deal …

The Angels have signed starting pitcher Chris Volstad to a Minor League deal with a Spring Training invite.

Volstad, 27, was the 16th overall pick by the Marlins in 2005. The 6-foot-8 righty had a solid rookie season in ’08, posting a 2.88 ERA in 15 games (14 starts), but was never able to duplicate that.

Over the next four years, the last of which was spent with the Cubs, Volstad compiled a 5.14 ERA and averaged 153 innings per season. Last year, he spent the vast majority of the season — minus six relief appearances — pitching for the Rockies’ Triple-A affiliate in the Pacific Coast League, posting a 4.58 ERA, a 1.57 WHIP and a 1.30 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 127 2/3 innings.

Volstad, currently pitching in winter ball at the Dominican Republic, joins relievers Josh Wall and Robert Carson as minor pitching additions in the early portion of the offseason. But unlike the latter two, Volstad is not on the 40-man roster.



More “dumster diving by DiPoto

You almost spelt dumpster right.


when it come to this it should be spelled DUMBster diving

If he is, he’s not the only one I know doing that! It’s so easy for you to sit behind a koryeabd and spout derogatory remarks when you haven’t the baseball talent of even a lesser minor league player. Say what you want about Z, but he still deserves some respect for trying. Anyone can fail, even repeatedly. It’s the one who keeps getting back up, dusting himself off, and committing to continue that eventually succeeds and deserves the credit. I could no longer defend his actions in Chicago either. Even though he retired’, I think we all knew he wasn’t throwing in the towel for good. While he’s a cancer in our clubhouse that had to be removed, I wish him all the best and success in Miami. Also, I still have a authentic-onfield jersey with his name and number on it that I will always keep.

That’s the big name signing I was waiting for. Now we are definitely instant contenders.

retread time.

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