Don Baylor returns to Angels as new hitting coach …

The Angels have hired former All-Star Don Baylor as their new hitting coach.

Baylor, who won the American League’s Most Valuable Player Award with the Angels in 1979, spent the last three years as a hitting coach with the Diamondbacks and has been a big league manager for nine years, with the Rockies from 1993-98 and with the Cubs from 2000-02.

Baylor replaces Jim Eppard, who was dismissed along with bench coach Rob Picciolo on Oct. 8. He is the club’s third hitting coach in the last 17 months, dating back to Mickey Hatcher’s dismissal on May 15, 2012.

“Don enjoyed a distinguished playing career, highlighted by his tenure with the Angels during their first two division championships,” Jerry Dipoto said in a statement. “As a coach, he brings us tremendous expertise in the areas of hitting, communication and presence. It’s nice to have him home.”

Dipoto spent time with Baylor when the Angels’ general manager played for Baylor in Colorado in the late 1990s and had him in his staff when he was an executive in Arizona.

Baylor will be entering his 22nd season in either a managing or coaching capacity in 2014. Along with his managerial tenure and his time with the D-backs, Baylor has been a hitting coach with the Brewers (1990-91), Cardinals (’92), Braves (’99), Mariners (’05) and Rockies (2009-10). He was also the Mets’ bench coach from 2003-04 and compiled a 627-689 record as skipper, earning National League Manager of the Year honors in 1995.

Before that, Baylor – a member of the Angels Hall of Fame – was a former All-Star and three-time Silver Slugger Award winner during a 19-year career as an outfielder that spanned from 1970-88. He joined the Angels as a free agent in November 1976 and posted a .262/.337/.448 slash line in a six-year career in Anaheim, adding 141 homers and 523 RBIs while leading them to their first playoff appearance in 1979.

The Angels are still searching for a new third-base coach and an additional coach.




Don Baylor is a great hire. A solid Baseball man.

I totally agree

OK, we now have a hitting coach with some credentials. I am glad they didn’t go the rout of Anderson or Salman and try to teach someone to be a coach. Both great guys by the way. So before all the “Pitching Coach” grips start to come in. Let’s talk about the other open positions. We now need a 3’rd base coach and another coach they haven’t identified yet. I’ll call it “Locker Room” coach, basically a team cheerleader, can’t figure out what they are looking for other than to replace Torii.
So, with Ebel being gone as a third base coach, which I feel he will be sorely missed. We need someone aggressive, I was originally an Erstad fan for one of the open positions. I don’t think he is aggressive and animated enough to be a 3’rd base coach, but because he loved to get dirty maybe so. Is he the right guy for the cheerleader position, I don’t think so. That’s not because he can’t do it, I just don’t think he has the patience to deal with ego’s. he was always 110% because that was what was expected. So 3’rd base handles the Outfield and is suppose to be aggressive with the base runners. My nomination would be Jim Edmonds for this spot.
The Locker room or Cheerleader coach, who gets S**t in line and mentors the team. This should be a player recently out of the league, it should be a “Fix It” kind of guy that has the ability to go to someone like Puig and straighten him out and mentor that player. If Torii was retiring go get him, or how about Jason Giambi?
So my nominees for the remaining 2 coaching position are:
Jim Edmonds and Jason Giambi. So let’s figure this out then we can go back to the “Bash Butcher” posts.

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Finally a professional hitting coach. t should help!! However all will be for naught with Mike ( Completely ineffectinve Butcher ) as hitting coach. Also Soc. must completely change the way he handles spring training. The team is never ready to play mentally or physically.

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