Some names to consider …

Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia are both coming back, and now they have a coaching staff to round out. Bench coach Rob Picciolo and hitting coach Jim Eppard were let go, Dino Ebel was promoted to bench coach and three spots are now open: third-base coach, hitting coach and a third, unidentified spot (perhaps an assistant hitting coach).

With that in mind, below is a list of potential candidates. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list; there are several others who will be interviewed for the open spots. Some is based on indications I’ve received, some are just my own speculation. Here goes …

Wally Joyner: He’ll definitely draw some strong interest as hitting coach. He just declined to return as the Phillies’ assistant hitting coach and was well-regarded in that clubhouse. And, you know, there’s that whole “Wally World” thing. Scioscia had him on his team in 2001.

Tim Bogar: He was the Red Sox’s third-base coach from 2010 to 2012, before taking a job as manager of the Angels’ Double-A affiliate in Arkansas, and is considered a future managerial candidate throughout the industry.

Troy Percival: Scioscia is a big fan of the former Angels closer. The Angels hired him in 2007 to be a special assignment pitching instructor, but he walked away soon after to make a comeback in the Majors. He’s currently the baseball coach at his alma mater, Moreno Valley High School.

Brett Butler: The former Dodgers center fielder has been managing the D-backs’ Triple-A affiliate since 2008 and had a good relationship with Dipoto dating back to the GM’s time in Arizona.

Leon Durham: He’s spent the last 12 years as hitting coach for Triple-A Toledo, in the Tigers’ organization, and has been drawing interest for the same role in the Majors over the last couple of years.

Eddie Rodriguez: He was just dismissed by the Royals, who brought ex-Cubs skipper Dale Sveum to Ned Yost‘s coaching staff, and was considered a good third-base coach in Kansas City.

Daren Brown: The Mariners will presumably be cleaning house with their coaching staff after manager Eric Wedge left. Brown finished the year as the third-base coach — promoted from Triple-A, where he was manager, after Jeff Datz was diagnosed with cancer midseason — and is considered a good baseball man. Brown was interim manager in Seattle for 50 games towards the end of 2010.

Dave Anderson: He was just dismissed as the Rangers’ first-base coach, and he has a history with assistant GM Scott Servais (from their time together in Texas) and Scioscia (they were teammates on the Dodgers).

Omar Vizquel: The current Angels roving infield instructor figures to be a hot managerial candidate very soon and is very well thought of throughout the organization. He’s never had experience as a third-base coach, he likely won’t fit as a hitting coach, and Alfredo Griffin already handles the infielder. But perhaps he can be looked at for the final coaching spot. He’d definitely bring a lot of energy.



Don Slaught should be on this list. The Angels will consider him and he’s more than qualified.

Slaught is a good candidate. With a name like mine, I’m obliged to tout his ex-teammate Jamie Quirk (though as a bench coach (with the Cubs for now) 3b or hitting coach might be seen as a demotion in some quarters – unless he’d be a “manager in waiting” for when Scioscia gets promoted upstairs).😉

Among Ex-Angels (for various reasons) I’d rejoice to see: David Eckstein, Tim Salmon, Jim Fregosi, Brian Downing, Darin Erstad, Chili Davis (get him away from Oakland!), Rex Hudler, Bengie Molina, Bobby Grich, Reggie Jackson or, for contrast, a platoon of Orlando (OBP) Palmeiro and Mike (the Hitman) Easler.

Since the vacancies are at 3b coach and hitting coach, I didn’t nominate any ex-pitchers. Though Chuck Finley or Troy Percival would be great to see.

For local color: Auggie Garrido, George Horton, Tim Wallach, Mark Kotsay, Jason Windsor or some other Cal State Fullerton Titan with a College World Series ring.

I’ll take Wally as a hiting coach,Percy as a pitching coach,and put fregosi as a third base coach.Knoop would make a great fielding coach.

Dave Anderson is an excellent choice for the coaching staff…..Great guy and former Dodger WS team member….can’t go wrong with this choice

How about Tim Salmon as the assistant hitting coach?

Why an assistant; does TIM need lessons ?

why in the world was Butcher kept? The Angels pitching staff was a disaster.

It really dosent matter who the coaches are, its going to be the same old thing if the top voices are still in place……look to 2015 when Arte either sells the team, or they all wise up and get rid of the sciossia/dipoto show.

I agree on Scioscia but I think Dipoto needs to be given a real chance at being the GM. So far he’s had nothing but garbage from Scioscia and Arte spending most of the payroll on expensive hitters. It’s hard to fix the pitching staff when most of the money is spent on one player.

Sciossia is a great manager. The team did great when he had his original staff. Its when they all left to manage is when things started going downhill.

It dosent really matter who the coaching staff has…..if they voice at the top is the same. Look for 2015 when Arte sells the team, or the Sciossia/Dipoto team is gone

How about Rod Carew?

I agree about pulling Gubicza from the booth for a pitching coach and bring back Rex Hudler for an announcer, I think he has a lot of energy which would help the team and more outspoken.

Joyner or Butler would do for me as hitting coach. Joyner would have the respect and seems to know what he is doing. Butler would be interesting if he knows hitting because I would love to see him work with players like Borjous, Aybar, Schuck and Trout on bunting. Brett was one of those guys who could bunt with the other team ready and still get a hit.
I agree on Butcher. How he holds on to his job right now I have no idea. If they release him, I would love to see Hershiser, Percival or maybe even pull Gubicza from the booth, as his analysis of pitching seems to be very good.

I would pick Erstad as my hitting coach, he can hit, he is a gamer and he brings energy and was a fan favorite. As for a pitching coach I’d try to get Mark Langston, the guy was a total gamer whereas Percy was a thrower. At third base I’d go out and get another Angels favorite in say a Grich or Salmon type of favorite. Then there is Vladdy, you gotta find a spot for him somewhere.

I second the nomination for Tim Salmon, all in favor say I.


I agree with Butcher needs to go! Hershiser would be a good fit, as he works well with Scioscia and he has proven himself as a pitching coach.
To replace Eppard, I would go with a combination. Work with Pujlos, to find a hitting coach that he respects because that might draw the respect of others. Need to find a hitting coach that can teach Trumbo to be a complete hitter. I would even recommend to Pujlos, play 1-2 more years, retire and we will offer you a job as a hitting coach.
Then, I would try to bring in Rickey Henderson, as a “bench coach” but also as a assistant hitting coach, to work with Aybar, Trout, Shuck, etc..

Just a few thoughts.

Pujols is too busy suing Clark for telling the truth to worry about things like HITTING

I’m sure Pujols can afford an attorney (or a team of attorneys) to represent him in a lawsuit. He’s not bothering himself with the minutiae of a lawsuit to preserve his legacy.

Are you seriously saying that you believe Pujols was a juicer? Completely assanign!

Ken Machs should definitely be on this list. He has managerial experience in the majors and he was the Angels bench coach during the nineties. He should seriously be considered for the now vacant bench coach position.

don’t bother talking to any Dodgers coach’s…..they are busy!


Rudy Jaramillo as hitting coach and Darin Erstad as 3B coach. Special assistant/extra coach, little man Eckstein or Rex Hudler. The Angels need an energetic, proactive, in-your-face type of coaches. No more baby-sitters for the rich and famous…


I agree, but Jaramillo is a negative. He was the hitting coach for the Cubs up through 2011, and we all know how bad they have been. He also was the one who tried working with Vernon Wells before last season, and that was a bust. Erstad would be a great choice though.

I am glad to Scioscia back, when the players don’t perform it’s not the managers fault. Dipoto is another story, we were looking for pitching at the end of last season and look what he brought in! Has-been’s and injured players. I am still trying to figure out why you sign guys that can’t pass a physical. Just look at his track record of signings over the last 2 years. Other than Wilson and Vargas all the others were a bust. Arte wants to give him another chance, it’s his money, but we are now 2 years in a row looking for pitching.

As far as the coaching positions I think we are really going to miss Ebel at third. But I like the suggestion of Henderson for that job. I am not excited about any of the former Angels being talked about for the other jobs with the exception of Erstad. He would probably be a great candidate for the hitting job. Not to mention a presence around the team.

Come on guys Rex Hudler ?!?!?

FINALLY – a reasonable suggestion. Salmon, maybe. Erstad? Even if you could pry him out of Nebraska and back to the big league grind (doubtful) he’s more likely a managing candidate than hitting coach.

everybody is forgetting a great candidate for hitting coach… Garret Anderson. great hitter and leader. He has already earned respect

I really think Arte missed the point, pitching wins. He should’ve gotten rid of Butcher and if he were really serious about winning and not settling for mediocrity, he should see if there is any way he could get Greg Maddox. As far as a hitting coach, I think you lure Chili Davis somehow or someway, third base either Tim Bogar or Darin Erstad and special coach depending on the function, Wally Joyner or Troy Percival.

How about the name Garret Anderson for hitting coach. Great hitter who has already earned respect. i think he would be a great choice. followed by salmon

Rudy Jaramillo. His resume speaks for itself

Yeah, thats why the cubs have tearing it up, huh.

Guys, we don’t need to teach someone to be a coach. As much as I like Anderson and Salmon they haven’t got much experience. Chili Davis would be a wonderful addition, the problem is he is being looked at for a Managers job. But I agree if we can make a run at him that would be great. Just my feeling don’t hold your breath, he has a good gig already going in that position and should be looking to move up.

Have to agree with Nathan here. As great as all these former Angels are/were in there respective roles, most of them are ot coaches, or havent developed that skill set. Coaching is an art form just like hitting/fielding/pitching, pitching, pitching, PITCHING is. If we cant find a COACH, lets not try to hire a beginner who doesnt even know if he CAN coach.

The one coach they need to replace is still here. Mike Butcher. Pitching has been our biggest problem and it has not been what it once was after Bud Black left to mange the Padres.


Anaheim Angels won a World Series NOT the Los Angles Angels of Anaheim!

I’ve been an Angel’s for since 1961! The choices for new coaches are simple.
Rod Carew (hitting), Daren Erstad (thirdbase coach), and Wally Joyner (Attitude
Coach). Oh and by the way I hear that David Price is sure the Rays are going
to trade him this off season so why not offer them say Trumbo, etc for a real
top of the rotation pitcher.

I wouldn’t want to give up Trumbo, Calhoun or the obvious, like Trout. But putting together a bundle like, Kendrick, Bourjos and maybe a prospect or two for Price knowing we would get him for at least 2 years would not be a bad deal. I don’t like the idea of putting Aybar on the block because I think he has the best baseball instincts on the team. Not to mention a gold glove SS.

Price I believe is a free agent this year.

Nevermind. My bad. Forget I said that.

Wally Joyner would be a HUGE addition! That would be awesome to see him in an Angels uniform again…Wally World!

I have thought Butcher needed to go for 2 years now. Pitching is a serious problem for some time. Wake up, something is not right there, and I think coaching is a good reason. Salt Lake has not produced much either.

I can’t figure out if it is Butcher or Dipoto! If you don’t sign anybody in 2 years other than Wilson and Vargas. You send Santana and Haren on their way. You trade all your pitching prospects for bats. Then you put beat up players in the bull pen, “Madson & Burnett”. Then you go out and try to play money ball (Badly I might Add) and sign Blanton and Hanson. Then you go find some scraps to fill out the bullpen. Is that Butchers fault? I don’t know, but it’s my opinion you can’t blame him for that. Butcher “may” not be any good, but I don’t think he deserves the focus of our frustration. I would love to see someone with Billy Beans talent and Arte’s money teamed up.
You notice I didn’t mention Jerome Williams or Garret Richards, that’s because they aren’t Dipoto’s doing, and in my opinion solid players.
Someone is not spending money wisely……….

One other thought I will add, does Dipoto think this is still Colorado where everything you hit goes out because of the park? Anaheim is a pitching stadium…..

Rod Carew as hitting coach, Mike Witt as pitching coach, Wally at 1st and Erstead at 3rd, and FIRE BUTCHER, and release blanton, who told him he could pitch?

Hitting coach-Andre Galaraga (Vlad’s best month ever, Sept. of his first year, he credited, then teammate , Andre Galaraga. Also, Bobby Abreu would be good. When he was around, the hitters learned to be more patient. (which they sorely lack)

Does not matter who he coaches are….if the same pitchers are in place it will be a repeat of this season. The bullpen needs TOTAL revamping

You don’t pay much attention do you? Our pitchers are fine, its the coach that needs to change.

butcher and ebbel are both yes men neitehr moves until mike rells tehm too

Hitting coach: 1. Rod Carew, 2. Wade Boggs, 3. Wally Joyner. Third base coach: Omar Vizquel or Brett Butler would be nice. PITCHING coach: Gregg Maddax, Dave Stewart, Mariano Rivera, Orel Hershiser, these are alot better then what is in place now.

I honestly like the idea of Omar Vizquel as 3rd base coach. Erstad would be great as hitting coach, as would Eckstein, Salmon, O. Palmaro, or even Bobby Abreu. A new pitching coach is necessary! My preference would be Greg Maddox or even John Smoltz, but I would be satisfied with Chuck Finley or Percival.

been a fan since 63 good times and bad. but butcher has to go. coaching prospects are: maddux or Finley Abreu carew boggs erstad davis.

How about don baylor .x angel hitter.he would be a great fit.

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