Five Minor League coaches let go …

Five coaches in the Angels’ Minor League system will not be returning in 2014. They are …

Double-A Arkansas hitting coach Ernie Young
Class A Inland Empire manager Bill Haselman
Class A Inland Empire pitching coach Brandon Emanuel
Class A Burlington manager Jamie Burke
Class A Burlington pitching coach Trevor Wilson

The club is expected to make a formal announcement on all the changes to their Minor League staff once they’re completed.



they get rid of minor league staff when they did so well.

Of course. That’s become the Angels’ Way now. If they stink at their job keep them. If they do great dump them. That’s why the Angels have become such a mess.

Moreno is a PR man and Promoter. He is the BEST PR man around, no question. He wears 5K suits, has his hair cut and colored every week, not a Hair out of place. But…he is NOT a businessman. Moreno went to work for William S. Levine, who IS a world class businessman. Moreno managed the company FOR Levine…Of course, Levine gave Moreno stock options, and incentives, which made Moreno a very wealthy guy…but it was LEVINE, who was the brains and $$$ behind Moreno. That is a matter of public record, that Moreno fails to ever disclose.

Angels are being run by the Rally Monkey….how else do you explain the decisions being made.

All of us who know Arte know why he does this type of thing. He ALWAYS has to be right…once you cross him, he turns on you like a snake.
He is a bully. Arte fires young girls who mess up an airline reservation, or a young kid, whi looks at him the wrong way. Why? Because he can.
Sure, he will fire some underlings, but NEVER will he fire Mike Sciosca. Mike is too high profile, and he owes Mike $30Million.

Great post. All Haselman did was manage the Angels to their first high A championship in 15 years. HE should have been named the Angels new manager. In any other system, he would have been. He did it without Sappington and Morin, who were both promoted in mid season.

He probably had the unmitigated gall to ask Moreno for a raise.

One thing about this travesty though. Because of some excellent baseball writers,(not mlb bloggers), we are all learning about the real Arte Moreno.

I have known Moreno for 40 years. I know him well. Too well. At first, when I would email or blog the media guys, they thought I was a “crackpot”…now, I have many National writers private message or text me, because EVERY thing I told them turned out to be true…
Its is amazing it took the media 10 years to see thru him.
Moreno IS a clever cat.

That last part is the main reason Arte won’t fire Scioscia. I think it’s $27 million but whatever it is, he made the mistake and continues to make us fans suffer.

arte told his bff, that we wanted to fire SOSH…but that he couldn’t, because after Pujols, Segura, Greinke, Wells, Napoli, Hamilton, Corbin, Skaggs, and Torii Hunter…arte felt the entire Baseball world would think he was “stupid”….Not making this up!

The book is only available via hbdraack book. I have tried to contact them to help them market it on other sites and other formats, but there has been no return calls.

Scioscia make me sick!! he is good for a least 15 games that he will lose by dumb decision. Not regular games, but the important games during the seasons.

Moreno is stuck with him. Moreno, truly believes that he, Moreno, is a Baseball Genius. Just ask him!

Mickey Hatcher needs a job

Mickey Hatcher needs a job

Moreno is such a dumb ass he gives Legands the Food and Beverage contract at Angel Stadium which is majority owned by owner of the Yankees… If I were Steinbrenner I would take the money I get from Arte and put it aside for Mike Trout, so when Trout becomes a free agent I would say, “here you go Mike I have all this money just for you,” and then think, “Thanks Arte for help paying for Mike Trout… dumb ass!!!”




Pitching coach must go, he shouldn’t even be a minor league coach. Just look at all the pitchers that go elsewhere and do great. Let this useless coach go.

The Pitching Coach, Butcher, lives in Phoenix, near where moreno lives.
Arte loves the guy. He has a job for with arte for as long as he wants!
DOnt ever think DiPoto has ANY authority. He is a highly paid, very capable and articulate puppet.

Here’s some of the same post I put on another blog…..And let’s try to keep Blog’s from being talk radio call ins. I like a good conversation.

I can’t figure out if it is Butcher or Dipoto! I have no connection to the Angels like some of the previous comments. So don’t know Arte personally. But if you just look at the track record by their merits………..You don’t sign anybody in 2 years other than Wilson and Vargas, which were both good trades or deals. Then you send Santana and Haren on their way. (Still not sure why) You trade all your pitching prospects for bats. Then you put beat up players in the bull pen, “Madson & Burnett”, 14 pitches between them, don’t know how many millions. Then you go out and try to play money ball (Badly I might Add) and sign Blanton and Hanson. Then you go find some scraps to fill out the bullpen. Is that Butchers fault? I don’t know, but it’s my opinion you can’t blame him for that. Butcher “may” not be any good, but I don’t think he deserves the focus of our frustration. I would love to see someone with Billy Beans talent and Arte’s money teamed up.
You notice I didn’t mention Jerome Williams or Garret Richards, that’s because they aren’t Dipoto’s doing, and in my opinion solid players.
Someone is not spending money wisely………

Haren and Santana are easy to figure out. Both were bad in 2012 and were going to make around $30,000 combined. Arte figured get rid of them and sign a pitcher about the same for less so Dipoto got Blanton for $15,000 for two years. Arte needed to save a lot so he could re-sign Greinke. That idea worked great. Then he wasted the pitching money on Hamilton.

You have solid and honest points. Years ago, arte railed AGAINST Moneyball, he said it was ruining the Game. Then, as usual, he did the opposite of what he said. When arte floated the rumor that he would fire Mike or Jerry or both, we knew their jobs were safe! Arte is a PR man. He tells people what they want to hear, and then does what he wants. Torii Hunter called out Arte and said he lied. Arte lied to a man who carried the Angels on his back, mentored Mike Trout and was the leader of Arte’s team…and you LIE to THIS guy?

One other thought I will add, Does Dipoto think this is still Colorado where everything you hit goes out because of the park? Anaheim is a pitching stadium…..It’s my opinion that Butcher is getting the brunt of mistakes made by Dipoto. I am not a Butcher fan and he may deserve to go. I just think the focus is in the wrong direction.

The problem with Butcher is he never really fixes any problems. The Angels had no problem getting rid of the hitting coach. Eppard is a better hitting coach than Butcher has been a pitching coach.

OK, my opinion on Dipoto is now well documented. Let’s say it is Butcher, because he doesn’t seem to be able to work with what he is given and as a major league pitching coach, you would have thought he could have done something with Blanton. Hanson was a head case this year so I don’t think anybody could have fixed him. Weaver, Wilson and Vargas are Pros and probably don’t need him other than to review opposing hitters tape for them. In the last 2 years Jepsen has taken a dump. he could never do anything with Kazmir, Rodney was a bust, but then again he lost the series for the Rays. Morande would look good when he came up and then a couple weeks later he would stink. Let’s put all that on Butcher and let’s replace him. There doesn’t seem to be anybody in the Angels organization because they brought him in from the outside and they are firing the ones in the minors.
So who would you replace him with? And lets not go done the path of Percival, Langston or any of the formal Angels that have no coaching experience.

By the way Jason, GO TIGERS !!!! Torii deserves a ring !!!!!!

Moreno was awful, lying to the heart and soul of the Angels.

And that was the worst deal they made. Let Torii go, say your spending the money for pitching, and then sign Hamilton. I think Josh is a straight up guy and will probably come around. But you don’t replace Torii………….

The problem I have with Scioscia is that he never has the team ready to play when it counts. Lately the team is not prepared for when the season starts, can’t beat the West and when it comes to a big series the Angels choke it off. Only had to win 1 of 4 games to knock the Rangers out of the playoffs and couldn’t even do that. As for Butcher he was the bullpen coach for Bud Black when he was the pitching coach and has no business being a pitching coach. He can’t fix anyone when the wheels start coming off. He keeps his job when the Angels finish second to last in the AL pitching stats and Eppard gets fired when the Angels were 3rd in the majors in hitting. Go figure, tells you a lot about Moreno and his decision making.

Finally, folks have figured moreno out. For nearly a decade, he had most people fooled! Moreno surrounds himself with sycophants. Look at team “President” John Carpino. He was a billboard salesman, known as the biggest brown noser in the company. Poof…he is the President of a Major League Baseball team!
Same with “Butch”. He lives near Moreno, in Arizona. They drink “bottles of beer” together.

Percy in as Pitching coach at High A Inland Empire… Once Butcher gets fired in say May ’14, Percy gets promoted.

Teams are “feasting” on arte moreno’s shrewd moves!…Napoli, Patrick Corbin, Tyler Skaggs, Jean Segura, Torii Hunter…Vernon Wells was another clever deal. The St; Louis Cardinals lost Pujols to arte, and they got Wacha instead.

The front office has fired or let go so many talented, dedicated coaches. These are coaches who have won more championships than any other minor league coaches. Last year they let Tom Kotchman go. His Red Sox team played for the championship of the Gulf Coast League this year. Tom was also an excellent scout for the organization, signing many fine players in Florida. They also let go Zeke Zimmerman, a talented pitching coach and the Angels rehab coach after he had been with the organization for 20 years. Zeke’s now with the Giant’s organization. Their AZ league team won the championship this year boasting the lowest ERA. This Fall, so far they have fired 7 coaches including the manager of the champion Inland Empire team. DiPoto and Scot Servis are ridiculous in their rational. Good Luck with these guys in charge. Talented coaches like the talented players they have traded away have found new teams to share their expertise with. The Angels loss.

moreno has shrewdly promulgated the notion that he, moreno, is an expert in Baseball and business. When he Managed the Billboard company, the businessman was his his boss and the guy who hired him, Bill Levine. Levine owned the company and hired Moreno to run the day to day “mechanical” stuff. Moreno was excellent as a promoter and Manager, but Levine was the money and brains, who gave Moreno stock options, which made Moreno wealthy. Moreno is NOT a businessman…he IS a great PR man and slick salesman.
If you go back and research, Levine was a 10% partner in the Angels, but was bought out in 2011, BEFORE the Pujols deal. Since Levine has been out, Moreno has made many serious blunders.

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