Scioscia, Dipoto both staying; two coaches not …

Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto and long-time skipper Mike Scioscia will both be staying on for next season, despite year-long speculation that at least one of them would be dismissed after a fourth consecutive playoff absence.

Coaches Rob Picciolo and Jim Eppard, however, will not return.

Picciolo had just completed his third year as Scioscia’s bench coach and Eppard was completing his first full season as the hitting coach, originally taking over after Mickey Hatcher was dismissed in May 2012.

The move was announced by Dipoto and Scioscia, via a club-issued press release, and sources said both will return in 2014. Scioscia is signed through 2018 and Dipoto will be entering the final year of his deal.



Will mike butcher be the pitching coach?Who will the Angels go after?

One more coach to go THE BUTCHER !

Man,at least get rid of the Butcher.

I am so disappointed that Scioscia isn’t leaving. The man is about as exciting as a wet mop. He may know baseball but certainly can’t translate that to the field. Our catcher’s don’t throw runners out, player’s make both physical and mental errors, and don’t play sharp baseball. I hold the manager responsible for this. If he can’t spark a team with as much talent as the Angel’s, he never will. I want a manager with “spark”, energy, and enthusiasm. We need Torii Hunter as a player/manager.

you obviously don’t know shit about baseball…

2nd that, lets call Pete Rose……

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