Pujols comments on lawsuit versus Clark …

The following is a statement from Angels first baseman Albert Pujols, released by his agent at MVP Sports Group, regarding the lawsuit he filed against Jack Clark in St. Louis County Circuit Court on Friday … 

Today, I have filed a lawsuit against Jack Clark for defamation because of comments he made on his radio program earlier this year, falsely accusing me of using performance enhancing drugs. My lawyers have told me that the upcoming legal fight will not be an easy one, and that in cases like this even a liar can sometimes be protected under the law. But as a man of faith, I have never shied away from standing up for the truth, and I believe that the principles at stake are too important to sit back and do nothing. I believe we are all accountable for the things we do and say, and it was important for me to stand up for what was right against those who would seek to drag me down to try and build themselves up. I have always believed in the principles of honesty and accountability, and will continue to fight for them here.
Athletes are judged every day by their comments and actions off the field as well as their performance on it. When we fail or make mistakes, we face consequences. I believe members of the media should be held to the same standard. When they lie, make false accusations, and outrageous claims of “fact” to try and drive ratings or make a name for themselves, they should have to face up to the damage and injury they cause to an innocent person’s reputation. Whether or not I am successful in accomplishing that here, I can sleep at night knowing I have done the right thing in pursuing this case to fight for the truth of my innocence.



Right on Albert!

Very well said.

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