All is quiet in Anaheim — for now, at least …

I stayed in Texas to help cover Game 163 between the Rays and Rangers and am told everything is status quo at Angels headquarters in Anaheim as of Monday afternoon.

The front office is at the ballpark, planning for the offseason work that lies ahead and getting ready for the organizational meetings that will take place Oct. 10. Mike Scioscia is back at his home in Westlake Village, hanging out. And owner Arte Moreno isn’t even in Southern California. No announcement regarding the futures of Scioscia and/or general manager Jerry Dipoto is expected today.

And so, the wait continues.

While you wait, here’s a story looking back at the Angels’ 2013 season and another looking forward to what should be a very compelling offseason.



Moreno is a bully. He will fire a young office girl for messing up an airline ticket…but, does NOT have the balls to fire MEN like DiPoto and Sosh…Their jobs are safe. Moreno will blame the season on injuries and bad breaks.

Moreno wants to win so he can stop being a social recluse. He wants to return to his favorite Newport beach watering holes without being harassed by locales saying how much they miss torrii, how much Scioscia sucks, how Albert and Josh were a waste of money and blah blah blah. Arte is a business man from the tough advertising world and you don’t become a billionaire without having the stones to do what’s necessary.
He doesn’t want to fire and still pay Scioscia’s contract. So the logical move is to make this manager who seems drowsy and disenchanted an “indoor cat.” You sincerely can’t blame the guy. He has been doing the same hard job forever!!! Who wouldn’t be a little burnt out. Even after a home game he has to drive from Anaheim to Westlake Village. I am in my thirties and that sounds exhausting.
The hope is for a logical choice of moving Scioscia to an upper management front office position and bringing a new philosophy, a revitalized sense of energy, passion, and chemistry to a clubhouse that is full of talent but without a sense of leadership and sense of themselves. Too bad Tony Robbins doesn’t know baseball.
I have had the pleasure of discussing this very subject with several retired players residing in the Orange County area and they all said the same thing. Even current players brought it up and Mark Langston said it on the air: The Angels have no chemistry. They aren’t even friends. They are just a bunch of disillusioned in shape millionaires going through the grind of clocking in and clocking out without ever “clicking.”
This September we saw a revitalized team that played up to expectations sans the last 4 games. It doesn’t take a psychologist or a baseball stat guru to tell you why. The revitalized and rejuvenated clubhouse brought on by the fresh blood of Jimenez, Calhoun, Cowgill, Green, and Shuck gave the Angels the spirited brand of loose and energetic play that alleviates adult tension and ultimately wins ball games. They did so long before the Angels were mathmatically eliminated. It’s a question of morale. And who is more responsible for morale than any other person on that team? The captain and the coach. The Angels don’t have a team captain…well they do…but he plays for Detroit🙂.
Their coach has not instilled this very talented team with hope, energy or purpose. Quite the opposite actually. Despite the professional appearance the players evoke it still stings when you get bumped from batting 2nd to 7th or moved from 1st base to right field. This constant uncertainty can’t help but foster a sense of performance anxiety. This game is played between the ears and mental health is more prominent in baseball that any other professional American sport. scioscia seemed to be the only person in Orange County that didn’t have any faith in this team from the start. We could use a little zen master. We could use these guys going bowling together and play hockey games in the stadium tunnels rather than drinking alone at the same old dive bar near the Long Beach State campus. They need a leader. They need a captain, a rallying cry. They could use a personality capable of making the dog days seem fun and the tough games easy.

We need a miracle.

Zach Krone, YOU ought be the GM. Everything you said was true. Another problem is that Moreno calls ALL the shots. Yes, he is an advertising and marketing genius. But, he is NOT a Baseball man.
His ego has made him make Major League blunders no pun intended.
Moreno wanted to get rid of Napoli.
Moreno loved Vernon Wells, and threatened Tony Reagins with his job, if he didnt get him…when that failed, he blamed Tony! And fired the poor guy!
Moreno thought Torii Hunter was washed up and of no use.
Moreno, who never played The Game, and doesn’t know The Game, didn’t factor in Torii’s intangible value as a Team leader and inspiration to ALL the guys.
Moreno wanted Albert and Josh, both generated Season ticket sales.
Bottom line. He will NOT fire SOSH or Jerry.
BOTH men will stay. Moreno , recently, told his BFF, that he wont eat Sciosca’s contract, so Sosh is safe.
TO be fair, all DiPoto did was follow orders from his boss. So Moreno will NOT fire him. If he did, nobody would want to work for him.

See, this is the problem with both Arte and his fan base, any slick talking guy with a nice haircut and a good suit can walk right up to you and sweet talk you right out of your panties, then much later when you discover how bad you’ve been had, there is a sudden rush to fill up message boards with calls for action, but by now the plane has crashed into the side of the mountain. Zack you sound like Jerry Dipoto himself, complete with his lack of understanding of the issues which are killing your team, this has very little to do with Sosh. This us clearly about Arte Moreno and the direction he has charted for your team. For years he has been signing older players and rewarding them for work they did for other organizations, while disregarding the value of his own low cost talent in the minor leagues. The cupboard is bare but not because of player development, I dare say things would look a lot different around there with Corbin, Skaggs, Chatwood and Segura on your roster, while subtracting the strangling contracts of Pujols, Hamilton and V Wells, Those contracts keep your team from making much needed improvements to your bullpen, rotation and bench, improvements which would not have been needed if you had a front office competent enough not to trade away young cheap talent in favor of signing old guys with issues, none of this can be laid on Sosh nor can the firing of Eddie Bane, Zack I won’t be too hard on you because I know your comments were in all likelihood sincere, but unfortunately for Angeles fans the problems run much deeper than Mike and his emotional exterior, it rests with the one guy who can’t be fired and his vision for your team

The comment above is spot on. Arte Moreno is NOT the businessman he would like everyone to think. He worked FOR a man named William S. Levine who was the brains and the $$$ behind the Billboard company.
Arte was, for sure, a ruthless, hatchet man, excellent Manager of the company. Levine gave him stock options and incentives, and, accordingly, Moreno became very wealthy. But, it was the brains and business acumen of Levine which carried the day. In fact, Levine, originally, owned 10% of the Angels. Moreno bought him out 2 years ago.
Now, that Moreno is on his own, he has made many business blunders.
Levine would have NEVER changed the name.
Moreno was the water-boy on his HS football team, and never played any sports.
However, he THINKS he is a Baseball expert. Moreno thinking he is an expert has led to some of the most laughable and brutal blunders in recent Baseball history.

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