Dipoto nonetheless gearing up for offseason

Arturo Moreno, John Carpino, Jerry DipotoAngels general manager Jerry Dipoto wouldn’t address his uncertain job status Thursday. And really, there isn’t much to say. He, like Mike Scioscia and basically everyone in the front office and coaching staff, is waiting on word from Arte Moreno on what will happen for 2014. For now, Dipoto will focus solely on what needs to be done in the offseason. A story is posted on Dipoto’s main focus: attaining cost-controlled starting pitching.

Here’s what else the second-year GM had to say in a 30-minute scrum with Angels beat writers.

On addressing third base …

“We’ll go out and look at what’s available there, whether it’s trades, secondary market, waiver wire, free agents. In an ideal world, we’ll come up with what we believe is a combination of players. I don’t think we’re going to find Brooks Robinson, but we’re going to go out and find a combination of players. Some of it might be on hand, some of it might be outside the organization that we have to go access it. But we’ll try to put together a good – I don’t want to call it a platoon, but a good timeshare at third base that works.”

On Grant Green being an answer at third base …

“I guess at the end of the day, there’s still a lot that has to be done in order to get Grant comfortable enough to play third base on a more regular basis. But as when we acquired Grant – Grant is vertatile enough … and at the very worst, we felt like what we got was an athletic guy whose got ability in the batter’s box and can get on base, who is versatile enough to move around the field.”

On Ernesto Frieri being the closer in 2014 …

“I don’t really think, ‘Who’s the ninth-inning guy?’ Ernie has been the ninth-inning guy for two years and has done a tremendous job. We’ll go out and try to add more depth. I feel like with Ernie, Dane De La Rosa, Michael Kohn, Kevin Jepsen, Sean Burnett, we have the makings of a good bullpen. … Who pitches the ninth inning is to the manager’s discretion.”

On whether Angels are doing a disservice by playing well down the stretch and not getting a higher Draft pick …

“The Draft is such an unpredictable animal. Whether you’re picking ninth, 13th, 17th, you’re going to have an opportunity to pick a good player. How many times do we [as executives throughout baseball] get the Draft right? It’s a very hard thing to do. It’s not a slam-dunk process.”

On how Peter Bourjos fits in next year …

“It depends on how he comes back from wrist surgery. He’ll have a two-month down period, rehab, have to see where he is in Spring Ttraining. Josh [Hamilton] has played very well for two months, [Mike] Trout is Trout, [Kole] Calhoun and J.B. Shuck are having good years, [Collin] Cowgill has played well. It’s an area where we are particularly deep. … Peter is definitely part of the mix. But when you have as much down time as he’s had … how much playing time he gets, where he fits in the mix, depends on how he returns from this injury and a lot of fractured playing time. It’s not easy to play with so many nagging injuries, small and major. We need to get a healthy Peter Bourjos out there and find out where he is.”

On whether he’d soften stance on zero-to-three service time players with Trout next year …

“That’s something we do internally in baseball operations. I’m not going to make that into a story. That’s something every team adheres to, to their own internal scale. We’ll leave it at that. Every team has their own scale and they operate accordingly.”

On long-term-extension talks with Trout …

“No comment. Obviously, we’d like him to be here long-term.”



How many chances are they going to give Jepsen.He is either injured,or freaks out and can’t find the strike zone,or tries to throw it by everybody,and gets bombed.

Come on JD, you don’t need 5 outfielders. You also don’t need to pay 25 mil per year for Hamilton. You need to move Trumbo. He aborts rallies. Do you really want to pay 25 mil per year, for what has basically become a glorified slap singles hitter? (Hamilton). Wrap him while you can.

It’s true you probably can’t move Blanton, but you really don’t want to rate him higher in the spring mix than the suddenly blooming Shoemaker and Roth, for that 5 starter spot.

If you wrap Hamilton and get that contract out of here, you may be able to sign Trout, 12 year. 300 mil, minus 124 mil, (Hamilton), minus 30 mil, (Aybar), minus Trumbo. Net cost, Mike Trout, 12 years, 144 million.

Give Long, Heid and Navarro a chance. They know how to get on base. Long is your answer at 2nd, then move Green to 3rd, and Romine to short. Navarro is your 1st baseman, with Albert at D.H.

Borenstein, Cron, Sappington, Alvarez, Lopez, Yarbrough, Lindsey, Stamets, Snyder, Grichuk, and Cowart are probably at least a year away, but Morin is ready now. He and a healthy Burnett, should give us a pretty good pen next year.

Aybar at 299 OBP, is sheer cost deficit. Romine, long term, will do that, and probably better, play a better short, and with less errors.

Calhoun will give you 280/350, 25/90, if allowed to play every day, with 600 yearly AB’s. He will also give you a solid right field with a good arm.
less out makers
more fluidity
better chemistry
equals more wins

Green, at least at this stage, doesn’t seem to have Howie’s power, but could give you better plate discipline, and perhaps a better OBP, at obviously better cost effectiveness.

If you have decided to not pursue Tanaka, then at least see what Roth, Shoemaker, and Sappington show you in the spring, before signing someone and getting jammed again.. Any of those three are very close to mint right now.

First, you would never be able to trade Hamilton without paying a majority of his contract. Can’t happen. Second, Aybar is a much better defensive SS then Romine and better hitter. I hate all the “Trade Howie” talks, as I think he has become a cost effective (less then 10mill a year, I believe) top 10 second baseman.
Remember, we get to pay Wells this year, Yankees only payed him last year.
I think we do need to see what kind of market is out there for Bourjos, as much as I love the guy. It would put Trout in center, where he is comfortable and probably get us something back. Do a package of Peter and maybe Cowgill (keeping Calhoun and Schuck as your 3rd and 4th outfielders behind Trout and Hamilton).
No mention of Louis Hernandez for 3rd next season, provided he comes back healthy or Chris Nelson. Also, do we ever think Cowart will be ready?
I wouldn’t trade Trumbo. I still think a lineup of Trout(R) (better base stealer then anyone else) , Aybar (S), Pujols(R), Hamilton(L), Trumbo(R), Calhoun(L), Kendric (R), Conger (S), 3rd base platoon is a very good one, especially with the R/L combo, making opposing teams waste relief pitchers. If you decide to put Schuck in, then he probably replaces Trumbo vs right handers and bats 1st and Trout moves to 3rd.

Moreno doesn’t have the sack to fire DiPoto or Sciosca. BOTH will be back. Guaranteed.

YOU know much more than DiPoto and Moreno combined. Remember, Moreno is all about PR and image. He went and got Pujols because he watched him hit 3 homers in one World Series Game! When you look at the guys Moreno has let go or traded, it is an ALL STAR team!

Calhoun, 280/355 25/90 if given 600 AB’s.

If Dipoto didn’t take Skaggs and Corbin from the Angels, then young cost-effective arms would not be an issue for the Angels. The team Dipoto screwed over is now the team he is trying to improve. I think trading Bourjos would be the best thing to do because he is young and talented, and I think could pull in some decent prospects. It would also allow Trout to stay in CF, with Hamilton in RF, and Shuck in LF. I also think it would be smart to go get Tanaka from Japan, that would give the Angels a rotation of Weaver, Wilson, Tanaka, and Richards, which would leave them only looking for a number 5 starter. I think those top 4 are not too shabby. I also think they need to try to improve the bullpen any way they can. I believe it should be a top priority to pay Trout and lock him up long term because if the Angels don’t keep Trout in Anaheim for his whole career, the fans will never forgive Arte, EVER!!!! I’m hoping improved health and another year of failure will motivate these guys to play to their talent in 2014! Go Angels!

I also would add, I would try to resign Vargas, now. Offer him close to what you are paying Wilson. I think a rotation of Weaver, Wilson, Richards, Vargas + a 5th with our lineup should be decent.
I actually think our Bullpen is close. Frieri at the end, De LaRosa seems solid. If Burnett can come back close to what he was. Not sure on Kohn or Jepsen (agreed, gets hurt to much). Boshers seems ok. Just need a couple for those times need 6th/7th innings. Our backend seems to work.
And I agree on Skaggs and Corbin. That trade for Haren was so one sided. Cost controlled leftie with similar numbers (Saunders) and 2 top prospect minor (now major) league pitchers was to much for a team dumping payroll.

Moreno doesn’t have the sack to fire DiPoto or Sciosca. BOTH will be back. Guaranteed.

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Someone please explain how the team continues to show confidence in Jepsen?He’s never gotten batters out consistently and he’s had numerous injuries over the last three years. His fast ball is straight with no movement, making it very hittable because he can’t get his breaking ball over for strikes.

Sign Tanaka from Japan and re-sign Vargas. Starting rotation with Weaver, Wilson, Tanaka, Vargas and Richards. Strong starting staff. Trade Bourjos for young, strong minor league arms that are a year away, or he’s part of a package for a third baseman such as Washington’s Rendon. In the outfield I like Calhoun in right, Trout in center, and Hamilton in left. Shuck is your 4th outfielder. Trade Trumbo if you can get a young power arm with the potential to be a lights out number one, such as Dylan Bundy. Pujols coming back healthy is big. The offense will be fine. They could sign Morales to take Trumbo’s spot as DH if needed. Trumbo long dry spells and strikeouts hurt rallies big time.

HaHaHaHa LOL How deliciously depressing being a Angels fan must be right about now. Knowing that the team has no shot as it’s currently constituted, and you have 3 morons here to fix things up. Ha Ha Ha

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