Mark Trumbo slugs into rare Angels company …

Mark TrumboMark Trumbo sometimes gets a bad rap by the sabermetric community, and he’s always hard on himself. But he’s already one of the top home-run hitters in Angels history. And that’s a fact. On Friday night, with two on and one out in the fourth, he laced a three-run homer deep into left-center field to give the Angels a 5-3 lead off Matt Garza. The shot came on the heels of a 7-for-50, 21-strikeout, no-walk stretch.

Most notably, it gave him 30 homers in back-to-back seasons.

Here’s a list of the guys who have accomplished that in Angels history (their averages from that stretch are in parenthesis) …

Don Baylor, 1978-79 (35)
Tim Salmon, 1995-97 (32)
Mo Vaughn, 1999-2000 (34)
Troy Glaus, 2000-02 (39)
Vladimir Guerrero, 2004-06 (35)
Trumbo, 2012-13 (31)

Here are the Major Leaguers who have hit 30 or more homers each of the last two seasons (their totals are in parenthesis) …

Miguel Cabrera: 87
Chris Davis: 80
Edwin Encarnacion: 78
Adam Dunn: 71
Pedro Alvarez: 62
Adam Jones: 62
Trumbo: 62

Trumbo also joins Salmon and Glaus as the only Angels players to have back-to-back 30-homer seasons before age 28. Since the start of 2011, he ranks tied for 42nd in the Majors in slugging percentage (.472).



Interesting too that, by coincidence, he finally gets to 30 just after future Hall of Fame member Vladimir Guerrero announces that knee injuries have forced him to retire.

Please, please, please…. DO NOT TRADE Trumbo. My plea to the Angels front office. Please do not trade Trumbo. You traded away Napoli and we haven’t had a HR treat since. Wells never panned out and Puljos and Hamilton have yet to pay dividends. We have to keep Trumbo, if anything, insurance for when Puljos goes down again.

Its during the sesaon and they are paid millions to play here. Owners would be very upset if their star players got injured they miss the playoffs because of it. Players also have restrictions in their contracts about getting hurt while not playing for their team so they would lose money as well.

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