Scioscia downplays reported rift with Dipoto …

Jerry Dipoto, Mike Scioscia

The sentiment around the organization, as a couple of recent national reports have indicated, is that Angels owner Arte Moreno has a very intriguing decision on his hands: Will he dismiss general manager Jerry Dipoto, who hasn’t even had two full years on the job and comes with an entire front-office team; or will it be long-time manager Mike Scioscia, who’s signed through 2018?

It’ll be one or the other, it seems. The Angels aren’t winning, and Scioscia and Dipoto haven’t really meshed since Dipoto took the job in November 2011.

Prior to Saturday’s game, though, Scioscia downplayed reports about philosophical differences between the two. He admitted that he was upset at Dipoto for dismissing his hitting coach and good friend, Mickey Hatcher, last May, but said he’s moved on from that and emphasized that any disagreement that goes on between the two is a healthy one.

On his relationship with Dipoto: There’s no philosophical differences. Jerry and I are certainly, as far as our baseball philosophies, in line. The one thing that I publicly disagreed with Jerry about, and we’ve talked about it, too, is when he let Mickey go. And that’s been it. Everything else is just baseball talk. There’s a lot of chatter out there. But there’s no foundation to it. Our philosophies are right in line with anything that we’ve ever done here.

On whether they can continue to co-exist: Yeah. A manager and a GM, a manager and his coaching staff, a GM and his assistant GMs, you’re not going to agree on everything. That’s healthy. You have to have conversation. … You have to throw it on the table, see if it has merit, talk about it, peel the paint off it, and I feel that that’s happening. You’re not going to get a manager and a GM that are going to have the same evaluation on every single player, and the same exact thoughts on every situation. That’s just impossible. I think it’s a normal general manager-manager relationship. That’s it. It’s always been like that. How this chatter starts, it just happens.

On whether he’s moved on from Hatcher firing: Yeah. I know that’s the only thing publicly that I’ve talked about that has happened, and it is what it is. There’s a lot on our plate here last year, and there’s even more on our plate this year. And we have to work through it. As far as the team, not us personally.



Keep Mike smartest guy in baseball.

Our offense has improved since Hatcher’s firing! This team needs another front line starter and some bullpen pieces. If they address these needs and stay healthy next year, I have hope they can contend next season.

Dipoto is not a GM, he sweet talked his way into this position but nothing he has done indicates he needs to be anybodies GM, Mike S has skins on the wall, if one has to go it needs to be Jerry dipoto, he ranks as one of the weakest GMs in the league. He can go

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