The stolen base discrepancy …

Mike Scioscia‘s teams have traditionally controlled the running game. They’ve stolen a lot of bases, and they haven’t allowed many.

Not this year.

Offensively, the Angels are barely stealing. Defensively, everybody’s stealing on them. They didn’t steal a bag in Tuesday’s 8-3 loss to the Rangers, who countered with six stolen bases — the most by the Angels in a nine-inning game since May 3, 1992. Now the Angels (51-61) are dangerously close to allowing twice as many stolen bases as they’ve picked up. They’ve stolen 54 bases this year, which is tied for 19th in the Majors. They’ve allowed 94, most in the Majors.

In Scioscia’s previous 13 years as Angels skipper, the Angels have allowed more stolen bases than they’ve picked up only two other times, in 2000 and 2010. And it was a lot closer both of those seasons.

Here’s a year-by-year look, with the first number being the stolen bases they’ve picked up and the second being the ones they’ve allowed …

2000: 93-101
2001: 116-109
2002: 117-78
2003: 129-80
2004: 143-87
2005: 161-68
2006: 148-77
2007: 139-107
2008: 129-109
2009: 148-128
2010: 104-133
2011: 135-126
2012: 134-127
2013: 54-94

Offensively, of course, it hinges on personnel. As Scioscia said, “This team, on the offensive side, was built on batter’s box offense — more batter’s box offense that it was the situational hitting or the baserunning.”

Defensively, there are no excuses.

Scioscia completely absolved catcher Chris Iannetta — “This is not on Chris at all,” he said — while indicating that it’s the pitchers’ times to the plate that are the main concern. I don’t deny that, but Iannetta has thrown out 11 of 82 base-stealers. That’s 13.4 percent (compared to Hank Conger‘s 35 percent). Some of it lies with him, too — even if it isn’t most of it.



Iannetta’s defense and throwing was agin off last night. He’s a veteran catcher and Mike loves veteran catchers. Everytime Ianetta screws up, it’s not his fault? Conger screws up , he sits for a couple of games.

Alden- why it may not be completely relevant can you publish what our record is in Ianettas starts vs. Congers starts?


This is not on Chris Iannetta at all, the Rangers just have a much better team than we have, and so naturally will have much better base stealers than we have,
C’mon Guys don’t blame Chris. He tried really hard last night.

Where is Jeff Mathis when you need him ?

Blanton was trying really hard too. Look at the caught stealing numbers for Conger and Ianetta. Ianetta may have other skills like OBP, but defensivly he’s a weak link in my opinion.

Not built for steals? Trout, Bourjos, Aybar, Kendrick, Hamilton…and those are just the regulars. UNLEASH THE HOUNDS! He just doesn’t want to take bat out of “elite” hitters hands, and Pujols keeps fouling pitches off, as well.

Couldn’t agree more with Charles. What the hell is Sosh saying about being built in the batter’s box? Offensively, this team is completely balanced. Absolutely NO reason why they shouldn’t be running. Sosh’s reasoning (or lack thereof) cements my opinion that he needs to go.

I agreed with and was glad to see Harvey not snritatg in the UConn game. His mood swings just isnt good enough. I think Lawrence and Theodore sharing the point guard position is just going to get better and better.The other position needing the change now is in the Center position. The UConn game shows proof again that Jon Garcia just isnt quick enough and doesnt have the Center moves to compete against the Centers in the Big East.Farrakon Hall is getting better and better and I think he should be sharing that position with Pope with Jeff Robinson coming to share the Power Forward Position with Pope. Then have Garcia come off the bench to deal with the oppositions bench Centers later in the game.He is just not Big East Good enough and is hurting the team. A couple of times you can see Garcia back away from positions underneath the basket where he could have made the easier rebound or block outs.

Wrong sport. Get off our page

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