Green to join Angels

Infielder Grant Green is expected to join the Angels from Triple-A Salt Lake on Tuesday, one day after second baseman Howie Kendrick left the game early with a hyperextended left knee, a source told

Who he replaces remains to be seen.

Kendrick is having an MRI on his knee and could land on the disabled list, though he was still hopeful of avoiding that Monday night. But even if Kendrick remains day-to-day, he’d be out for a little while and the Angels — already at 13 pitchers and 12 position players — need more infield coverage.

Green, acquired from the A’s for third baseman Alberto Callaspo last Tuesday, played two games at second and four games at third in Salt Lake, batting .333.

— Alden


Hey Arte,
If you are putting a AAA Angel team on the field, charge fans AAA ticket prices
to watch them play at Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

great one!!! lol couldnt agree anymore give us a little more room to wiggle with just like alcoholic beverages maybe fans would spend little more at Angel Stadium of Anaheim not even a mediocre team nd charging fans like they are in a penant chase haha lol what a joke!!!

The Angels charge less for an average game ticket than the MLB average. They are hardly overcharging.

I hope the youngsters continue to be called up from AA and AAA. I rather watch them play than the bunch of high paid players who can’t make the cut. Trumbo-Green-Aybar-Nelson; Schuck-Trout-Calhoun; Richards-Conger.

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