Wilson, Josh react to Cruz, PEDs …

Here’s what Nelson Cruz‘s two former teammates on the Angels had to say about today’s news that Cruz joined 12 other players — most notably Alex Rodriguez — in getting suspended due to their links to the now-defunct “wellness clinic” in Miami …

Josh Hamilton

On his initial thoughts: “I’m very surprised. It’s one of those things, you know. You’re teammates, you spend a lot of time with him. Some guys keep certain parts of their lives to themselves. Take from what you see. Nellie was always a good teammate. I enjoyed playing with him and enjoyed having him in the locker room. I saw his statement that he made a mistake. I’ve made plenty of those.

On whether he feels differently about him now: “We’ve all made mistakes. Some people’s mistakes are different than others and some are the same. He made a poor decision, and now he’s gong to deal with consequences.”

On guys always cheating the system: “People will always be trying to beat the system no matter what. All we can is Major League Baseball and the Players’ Union get together to try to prevent that. But there will always be those few who will try to do it.”

On this being a stain on the game: “I think the big to-do earlier in the 2000’s was a process of getting that out of the game, and this is part of that process.”

On whether the suspensions are long enough: “It’s not for me to decide. It’s for Major League Baseball and the [MLBPA] to decide.”

On whether he accepts Cruz’s statement: “I was there last year and I saw him when he came to Spring Training and what he looked like. I asked the same questions everyone else did. ‘What happened?’ ‘How did you get sick?’ There was nothing he said to me that made me question anything.”

C.J. Wilson (also the Angels’ MLBPA rep)

On constantly talking about this: “Hopefully this is the last press conference we have to have; this is the last scandal for the game. I think it’s good they’re getting all this stuff out of the way. It’s a uniform thing, everybody is taking their suspensions except for that other guy, and hopefully we can move on from this. It’s sad that playoff races are impacted by players who used PEDs, but this is the nature of the beast.”

“I think the issue centers around greed. If anybody says it’s something else, they’re not telling the truth. The players want to do well because they want to get bigger contracts. That money they earn is tainted, just like their statistics are. Hopefully we can take this as a lesson, for everybody watching, all the clean players, that we’re cleaning up the game and getting rid of the incentive to do this stuff.”

On this affecting playoff-bound teams: “It affects everybody. Think about that series we just had against Texas. Nelson did really well, and he’s not available for this series. Is the playing field level? I don’t know. You can’t take away wins he’s created through his contributions, but this is the way the game is right now. You hope with the suspension of Rodriguez also that we’ve found a level playing field for the clean players.”

“We need the greed to stop. I’ve accepted the fact I’m not a $300-million player, God didn’t bless me with that. I’m dealing with regular-guy stuff and trying to compete, and that’s the way it is for the rest of the guys in this dugout. You’re dealt a certain hand and you have to play that. Stop being a baby and move on.”

On whether he’s happy with the process: “I think there’s less people slipping through the cracks than 10 years ago. Other sports don’t have the frequency or accuracy of testing that we do.”

On Cruz specifically: “It’s hard to make character judgments of people when you don’t know all the circumstances. I’ve known Nelson for many years, always thought he was a great guy and teammate, but at this point, he’s a competitor, on the other team, so it’s immaterial what I think. He got hits off me and I’m [ticked] off about that.”

“If you really look at it, it’s a small percentage of players who are cheating, and that’s getting weeded out culturally. We’re getting into an issue of ethics. You’re never going to have perfect people. They can’t follow the rules.”

On whether he’s relieved it didn’t affect the Angels: “It’s affected our team. We’ve played against these guys. They’ve all hit home runs against us, struck us out, and we’re not happy about that. We’re hoping this would happen sooner rather than later to give us a chance to play against the clean guys.

On the A-Rod ordeal: “I think it’s going to end in a 30 for 30 special. It’s a saga. Always has been for him. He’s been in spotlight for 20 years. Nothing is gonna change that. He has one of those polarizing personalities that people are going to be drawn to. People will think he’s a villain no matter what he does. This latest chapter just gives further fuel to the fire that he’s made bad decisions. The whole appeal process is kind of curious. I don’t even know how the Yankees fans are going to react. When he goes to Boston, other cities, gonna be rough. But good for the game that they’re finally getting him on something. All these press conferences, Good Morning America, 20-20, enough of that, let’s just play some baseball and stop trying to be a role model.”



Is there a bigger D-Bag in the history of D-Bags the CJ Wilson ??????
………………. You gave up hits against that guy and you’re ticked about that…………………….

You have to have the biggest mouth of antbody I know. You need a refund from that charm school that you went to last year.
……………….. you wanted the suspensions to come earlier so you could play against the clean guys.
…….. I’m sure everybody wants You to go away early so they don’t have to play against D-BAGS
CJ ……Just SHUT YOUR MOUTH. …… Crap always seems to come out when its open.

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Are there bigger excuse-givers and trash talkers without the ability to back it up than Rangers fans? Just try having a coherent argument with one.

For Rangers fans who don’t know any better, CJ Wilson is the Angels players rep for the union. THAT’S the reason he was in front of cameras discussing the topic.

And if Wilson sucks, then 99% of the starting pitchers in MLB suck, including every Rangers starter not named Darvish.

Woah – that cake is amazing. I have to show Brooke and Garrett. Garrett is OBSESSED with the Rangers. In fact, Brooke bghuot Jack a Rangers onsie while she was here…

OH NO. !!!!!!!!!! CJ has been talking trash far longer than he has been anyones player rep, you see that’s the problem with CJ, he has always wanted to talk it over, and what he has to say always seems to show how much of a jertk he actually is. For instance Last year when he went on twitter to give out Napoli’s Phone #. All because Nap made the statement that he wanted the opportunity to face Wilson, or for instance after being drafted and playing for the Rangers organization – talking trash on his way out of town after signing with the Angles, Making statements like. ( I will now have a real life lnow that I will be in LA,
In Texas all we ever heard from CJ was a non stop line of BS.
Oh I have the best stuff of any LHP in MLB
Oh I could have been a doctor if I wanted to
Oh I could have been a allstar CF if I wanted to
Oh I could have been a race car driver if I wanted to
Oh I could have been a actor if I wanted to.

I don’t believe he was anyones players rep at the time that he was making any of those self gratifying statement.
And as far as him sucking as apposed to other Rangers starters : CJ would currently be the Rangers # 5 starter Behind Darvish,Holland,Garza and Perez. Dont believe me ? If you go strictly by the numbers ,his fall well behind those of 4 Rangers starters , so stop kidding yourself about how good CJ is. Numbers wise he is behind Darvish,Holland,Garza AND Ogando.
The problem with Christopher John is he is always running his mouth ,and usually backs ihis trash talk up – until he is involved in a really big game, he will then break your heart. But as soon as he thinks everyone has forgotten how much he sucks he then feels the need to talk about someone else’s situation.
CJ for goodness sake SHUT UP !!!!!!!
As far as Rasngers fans being excuse givers. No one is making any excuses for anything. It is what it is.
I want to here your excuse for why your team has been tossing salad all over MLB for the past 3 years. Even though your pockets are as deep as the ocean.
I have heard CJ’s excuse for not being able to get Cruz out. Now give me your excuse for your team sucking.

1,2,3 GO !!!!!!

For “goodness sake” Rangers fans stop trolling and grow up yourselves! LOL

Funny though how Rangers fans try to rationalize and say “look at the numbers” when if THEY actually did it would lead them to a far different conclusion.

But by all means, keep trolling! Says a lot more about you than any comment Wilson could ever make.

Ha Ha Ha Ha. ………… 5 runs in the 9th inning. Man do you guys SUCK.
I mean Linda Lovelace level suckage.
You’re so bad its almost not fun beating your breaks off you anymore.
ALMOST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep trolling. Still bad at numbers too. It was four runs in the 9th. But just keep trolling. Again, it only reveals how pathetic and desperate you are.

Such mature comments too.

JCHC3in1 I do apologize for the last comment, that was a bit much, it actually was meant in good fun , but come on man have you never logged on to HH and read the ultra mature contend they put down over there ? Hamilton and Wash got raked over the coles the past couple of years by those highly Mature posters over there, and all because the Angels actually had a good team then, and now you are calling for maturity on a baseball message board ? From a rival fan no less, Really ? Have your forgotten where you are ? All is fair in love and war.
But I will leave you alone JCHC3in1. But you better hope you guys win tonight. If not I may send you a little something as a reminder

Sorry, that previous comment was from Kirby

Still trolling? I have no clue what “HH” is and I honestly don’t care. But hey, whatever excuse you need for your trolling and profane comments!

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