Question of the Day, 7/9 …

Why is Joe Blanton STILL in the rotation? — @pattimelt95

I’ll spin this question back at you: Who would you like in the rotation instead of Blanton? … Still waiting. … In short, the Angels don’t have many options at this point. Not with Jason Vargas and Tommy Hanson on the DL. Not with Jerome Williams struggling of late (and he’s already in the rotation). And not with their farm system barren, particularly in the way of pitching. Blanton is who he is. He’s going to get hit around. Problem is, he’s been hit around a lot more than the Angels would’ve expected. He went into his Tuesday outing with six quality starts in his previous eight turns, but then he gave up four home runs in five-plus innings, and his numbers are still unseemly: 2-11, 5.40 ERA and a Major League-leading 143 hits allowed (in 108 1/3 innings).

This prompts the obvious question: Could the Angels have signed someone better for what they gave Blanton (two years and $15 million?

Everything’s a lot easier in hindsight, obviously, but here’s a look at the notable free-agent pitchers who signed for a similar or lower AAV …

Brandon McCarthy (2 years, $15.5M): 2-4, 5.00 ERA, 11 GS, on the DL for D-backs
Shaun Marcum (1 year, $4M): 1-10, 5.29 ERA, 14 G (12 GS), having season-ending surgery with Mets
Jeff Francis (1 year, $1.5M): 2-5, 6.58 ERA, 11 GS, currently in AAA for Rockies*
Jeremy Guthrie (3 years, $25M): 8-6, 4.12 ERA, 18 GS for Royals*
Bartolo Colon (1 year, $3M): 12-3, 2.69 ERA, 18 GS — and an All-Star! — for the A’s*
Scott Feldman (1 year, $6M): 7-7, 3.87 ERA, 17 GS for the Cubs and O’s
Hisashi Iwakuma (2 years, $14M): 7-4, 2.60 ERA, 18 GS and an All-Star for the Mariners*
Scott Baker (1 year, $5.5M): Has yet to pitch for the Cubs
Joe Saunders (1 year, $7M): 7-8, 4.51 ERA, 18 GS for the Mariners
Francisco Liriano (2 years, $13M): 8-3, 2.20 ERA, 11 GS for the Pirates

* = resigned with 2012 club 



Only one of those I wouldn’t have minded seeing originally was Saunders. I think Colon is headed for a suspension, and the fact he is being rewarded for steroid use by going to the All-Star game is ridiculous.
Having said that, I thought we should have kept Santana, even at the time. Haren seemed done, but as frustrating as Santana could be, he also had no-hit stuff when he was right.
Course, part of our problem is that Reagans cleaned us out of pitchers, especially in the lopsided Haren trade. As good as Dan was, he wasn’t worth 4 pitchers at the time, especially when 1 had similar numbers in the majors and was still under club control (Saunders) and at least one of the minor league ones traded was considered a top prospect who is now one of Arizona’s aces.

Francisco Liriano came cheaper than Blanton, and he’s been a revelation for Pittsburgh.

As for not having anyone, why not put Richards in the rotation and Blanton in the pen?

Part of the problem is that most of nruisng has done nothing to keep the baby boomers in the profession. Salaries have gone no where. Nurses with 30+yrs of experience with graduate degrees are being offered same salaries as new graduates. The difference is we know what kind and amount of work that is expected and asked of us, but the industry does not want to pay the boomers. It’s a great loss to nruisng.

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