Pujols gets on the board vs. Cardinals …

Albert PujolsIt took 12 plate appearances, but in what would be his last time in the batter’s box against his former team in three years — unless they meet in the World Series, of course — Albert Pujols got a hit against the Cardinals. And it was a big one, his line-drive single in the ninth setting the stage for Josh Hamilton‘s game-tying homer in a thrilling walk-off win.

Pujols went into that at-bat 2-for-his-last-30.

“I just try to take every at-bat like it’s my last one, whether I struggle or I’m hitting great,” he said. “My job right there wasn’t to hit a home run. It was to get on base somehow, hopefully give Howie [Kendrick] and Josh an opportunity to drive me in, and they did.”

Pujols went into that at-bat against Adam Wainwright 0-for-10 against the Cardinals, with three strikeouts and one walk while serving as the designated hitter all three games. But he got on base to bring the tying run to the plate, and his team took two of three in the series.

Postgame, Pujols was in little mood to talk about the Cardinals. Asked if he was relieved it was over, he said, somewhat mokingly: “I wish I can play against them every day. It was fun.”

It’s been all about St. Louis for the last week, and he was exhausted. Tough to blame him.

“This is not about St. Louis,” Pujols added. “You guys have been making it over the last two weeks about St. Louis. This is not about St. Louis and me. This is about our organization and their organization. And at the end of the day, we won the series. This is not about one player against a whole team, or one team against one player.”


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