“Mike has been a stud.”

Mike TroutAngels general manager Jerry Dipoto was asked Wednesday about starting conversations on a long-term, mega-extension for his superstar outfielder, Mike Trout.

The GM’s response: “Mike has been a stud.”

That’s it. Nothing more. Not even an acknowledgement of the question, because the Angels plan to let more time pass before starting those discussions — to try and get some semblance of a price ceiling, and maybe to let some wounds heal with agent Craig Landis — and because it does him no good to update those pursuits through the media.

Besides, nothing more needs to be said.

“Mike has been a stud,” on the heels of a rookie season that’s impossible to top and with many wondering if he’d fall victim to that fictitious (?) sophomore slump.

Trout had a four-hit game in Thursday’s 3-1 win against the Tigers, his third of the season and the eighth of his career. Since the start of June, he leads the American League in hits (37) and is batting .363. His batting average got as low as .263 on May 2, and then he started hitting again, batting .346 (71-for-205) with 10 homers and 34 RBIs in a 51-game stretch.

Left field, center field; leadoff, the No. 2 spot — it hasn’t really mattered.

“The league has made adjustments to him, he’s made adjustments,” Dipoto said. “There are too many things to rail on that are impressive about Mike Trout’s time in the big leagues. He’s been a remarkable player. A very consistent one. We’re very fortunate to have him.”

Through 79 games, here’s a comparison of Trout’s numbers from 2012 and 2013 …

2012: .350 BA, .407 OBP, .594 SLG, 16 HR, 49 RBI, 31 SB, 70 SO, 31 BB
2013: .316 BA, .389 OBP, .548 SLG, 13 HR, 51 RBI, 19 SB, 62 SO, 39 BB

Slightly down, sure. But pretty darn close.

As Dipoto said, “Mike has been a stud.”



mike will be a met in a couple years


Hey anonymous, Trout isn’t even due to be a free agent until AT LEAST 2018. Keep waiting Mets fan.

Doesn’t matter whether he’ll be a free agent, if Dipoto finds a free agent ;ala Hamilton, Wells, etc, he’ll dump Trout and his 800k payroll and pay a dud who’ls on his way out 10mil. That’s the way Dipoto works. Oh and Pete will go too.

that is so true it seems they let Greinke go for Hamilton and when the Angels need pitching more than anything blanton and Hanson what mistakes thus far!!!!

The Angels management has been inept since Bill Stoneman left.

1. They traded two top prospects in major leaguer Patrick Corbin and top prospect Tyler Skaggs to get a declining Dan Haren. Then they let Haren go.

2.They gave up Napoli to get Vernon Wells and his monstrous contract. Now they pay Vernon to play for the Yankees.

3.They trade Jean Segura for a two month rental of Zack Greinke but didn’t sign Greinke long term. Meanwhile, Segura, with Brewer’s team control for some time, is paid the league minimum for leading the National League in hits, triples, and 4th in batting average while sporting a 3.6 WAR (baseball-reference).

4.They sign a past his prime Albert Pujols to a 10 year mega deal.

5. Then they give a past his prime Josh Hamilton 25 million for five years.

6. While those millions struggle at the plate, two of their best hitters (trumbo and trout) are paid barely over $500,000. (With those millions wasted on Wells, Pujols, and Hamilton, is an extra $200,000 or so really worth alienating your best players?)

7. They sign an injured Madsen.

8. They trade for an injured Hansen who’s velocity has steadily declined since his debut with the Braves.

9. They sign Joe Blanton, the worst record in baseball this year.

The Angels should have let Trumbo play first and not signed Pujols. They should have kept Torii Hunter at a discount and not signed Hamilton. They should have spent all those millions they saved on a good bullpen and a good rotations. And most importantly, they should not have gutted their farm system or fired Eddie Bane! It is not the player’s fault or Mike Scioscia.

It is Arte Moreno and the general manager’s fault for making dumb decision.

The Angels have been making bad signing decisions for years. They think Angel fans would rather see star players then championships. The sad part about it is that Angel fans are so loyal that they will support any team they but on the field. The joke is that Anaheim is where washed up players go to retire like Reggie Jackson, Mo Vaughn, Fernando Valenzuela, Dave Winfield, Bo Jackson just to mention a few. I don’t think they deserve Mike Trout and I can see him leaving the Angels and more then likely he will be in pinstripes because he will be the highest paid player in baseball.

Trout will eventually go home and play in Philly.

Mike is a Stud. Check out the hilarious EBAY auction for the Mike Trout Garden Gnome! The Auction claims Angels will win the World Series if you buy the Trout Gnome! It also compares the Trout gnome to the real trout.

Three comments above……you are so right! sadly.

Anonymous, those 9 points, are so true you should send them to Art, he might hire you and then sadly but deservedly fire Dipoto

Why waste my time arguing with idiots and imbeciles?

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