Batting 7th, Josh Hamilton …

Josh Hamilton, sporting a .657 OPS and coming off making eight outs in five plate appearances, was dropped from second to seventh in Mike Scioscia‘s batting order for Wednesday’s game against the Mariners. That puts Peter Bourjos back at the leadoff spot and moves Mike Trout back down to second.

The Mariners are trotting out a lefty in former Angels pitcher Joe Saunders, and Hamilton has a .149/.175/.189 slash line against lefties this year (.237/.304/.469 against righties). Is it a one-time thing, because of the lefty-lefty matchup? Or is this Hamilton’s new, semi-permanent home? We’ll find out later, when Scioscia meets with the media.

In hopes of jump-starting Hamilton, Scioscia batted him second, between Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, prior to the split doubleheader at Fenway Park on June 8. In nine games there, he batted .190/.227/.429. He went 2-for-5 with a homer on Monday, then went 0-for-5 and grounded into three double plays on Tuesday. In 77 career plate appearances batting seventh — no starts there since ’09 — he’s batting .333/.390/.478.

Through his first 69 games with the Angels, Hamilton is batting .213/.269/.388, with 10 homers and 24 RBIs. His OPS ranks 131st among qualifiers.

Here’s the full Angels lineup …

Bourjos, CF
Trout LF
Albert Pujols, DH
Mark Trumbo, 1B
Howie Kendrick, 2B
Alberto Callaspo, 3B
Hamilton, RF
Chris Iannetta, C
Erick Aybar, SS

SP: C.J. Wilson (5-5, 3.90 ERA)




I know right!!!

ABOUT TIME! Hamilton should be sent down to the minors till he learns how to hit a ball again consistently on a MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL! What a waste of $25 million a year Arte !

Why are many people blaming this on Arte? How would he know Hamilton will do this bad. Just deal with it…

The main thing is coicnlft, coicnlft coicnlft. That’s all it is about, no matter the scene, no matter the dialogue, it has to show some level of coicnlft. This is good tutorial! I really liked it.

Oh come on. This has nothing to do with the Owner. Angle fans were pissed at how top tier players were signing with other teams. i.e. Mark Texieria, Carl Crawford. Angels have big name players and we have to deal with it. Hopefully Hamilton finds his groove and fast cuz we need him.

He needs to get back in touch with his mom & dad he has no relationship with them .His dad just had back surgery .At the same time Josh was out with back problems . Josh has little or no contact with theme any more PROBLEM i say so for Josh who grew up and live life very close to them always .I wonder what GOD says about that . Some of use see the results in his GAME…

Hamilton flat out cost the Angels the game last night. Given the way that he finished last year and the now longish start this year, there isn’t much reason to think he’s going to come out of it. Yet the money! If it weren’t for that he’d have been replaced a month ago. I’m starting to believe that there is something physically wrong – that his eyes have gone back, that the judgement circuitry in his brain has become scrambled.

I hope this works well for him and for the Angels. We need him to start heating up… like NOW!!!

He needs to start drinking again!

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Josh Hamilton is getting just what he deserves, I have never seen a man go from being the humble guy that everyone loves to spoiled ungrateful prima donna so quickly, he did it in record time. Rangers fans welcomed him with open arms and cheered him on as he tried to rebuild his broken career, and he repaid them by quitting on them,his teamates and the organization that pick him up off the scrapheap and supported him in everyway possible,

Don’t Think He Quit on the team Last Year. ??
Look at some of the statements he made down the stretch last year
When asked about taking 6 games off after overdosing on sports drinks he says ( Hey its ME: Josh, its always going to be something ).

So now he sincerely wants to breakout and contribute and can’t, I say BRAVO !!!
The only thing Josh Hamilton was concerned with last season was putting up huge numbers so he could get a fat contract, and after he got those numbers the real Josh stood up and gave everybody the finger, I was literally Stunned when I heard somebody was giving this guy $125 million after watching him quit down the stretch last year. Meanwhile many Rangers fans thought was crazy for wanting to let him walk, But just as I said this past off season. YOU DON’T REWARD POEPLE FOR BAD BEHAVIOR !!!!! No matter HOW much you think you need them or how talented you think they are, giving them a raise would do nothing to help their attitude and it won’t help the team either.
So yes this absolutely is on Arte Moreno and Jerry Dipoto, it is their Jobs to dig deep enough on a guy to find out what makes him tick before shoveling over one eighth of a Billion dollars to then finding out he doesn’t have any heart.
Rangers fans are now dancing in the streets for not having his cancerous presence in the club house. Good luck with him Angels fans

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