Pujols ‘kind of mad’ Dempster hit him …

Albert Pujols hit a first-inning homer off Ryan Dempster on Sunday, giving him eight for his career against his long time National League Central foe. And the next time Pujols came up, with first base open and two outs in the third inning, Dempster hit him, his 0-1 fastball grazing Pujols’ jersey and making contact with his ribcage.

Pujols glared at Dempster while on his way to first, and postgame, he admitted to being upset by the pitch.

“I was kind of mad,” Pujols said after his team’s 10-5 loss at Fenway Park. “After you hit a home run, then you come right back, up and in like that — I wasn’t too happy about it. … I know Dempster, he’s a great dude, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to do it. But it just didn’t look right after my first at-bat, and with the base open to try to come in up and in, I didn’t appreciate it. I let him know. I told him. That wasn’t right.”

Pujols and Dempster have a long history, and it all leans in Pujols’ favor. The Angels’ first baseman has now hit eight homers against Dempster, more than he’s hit against any other pitcher. For his career against the 36-year-old right-hander, Pujols is 21-for-60 (a .350 batting average) with 17 RBIs, 13 walks and five doubles. This is the first time he’s ever been hit by one of his pitches.

“Did he stare?” Dempster began when asked about Pujols’ reaction. “I was just trying to throw a pitch on the inside part of the plate and, you know, you got to be able to get your plate and it just rode up a little hard and in.

“I’m not trying to put extra runners on base right there especially with Trumbo coming up and things like that. It’s just one of those things where a hit batter is part of the game. ”

Pujols doesn’t believe Dempster was trying to hit him on purpose, but said he’s been thrown inside by him “many times.”

“That’s the way he pitches,” Pujols said. “He’s an intelligent guy. He’s a guy who was a closer, and he’s a guy who, now being a starter the last five, six years, he knows what the hitter wants to do out there. He’s really smart. But like I said, it’s not a big deal. I don’t think it can go farther than it did today.

“He was probably setting me up for his next pitch and the ball probably slipped away from him, but I wasn’t too happy about it.”



If I were Pujols, I’d be more “mad” at my pitching staff giving up numerous gopher balls and not retaliating for him being hit. And Dempster absolutely meant to hit him.

Pujols , please come back to the Cardinals . We just can’t compete without you . You were and always will be our whole team . It’s not about the money , we’ll give you anything you want just to come back and make us a team again . Maybe that will light a fire under your arse and you’ll start playing up to your potential !

Seriously star? Eff Pujols…getting rid of him is why we have the best record in baseball now….. he’s on the downside and no reason to pay $250 mil to see that and cripple the cards in signing free agents that can still play.

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Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

pujols is boss

Pujols is number one , his arms are number one , his legs are number one , his hair is number one , his hands are number one , his bat is number 17,073 . Pujols is number____ ?

Scott , I was being sarcastic in my comment . I agree with you 100pct. His attitude is what held the Cards back . Angels will soon find out what he’s about .

Lovely, somebody being a bigger baby than Josh Hamilton ? The Hamilton effect can now be seen.

because he does ctrhiay work? Well YES that is part of it, he cared about the Cubs and the Community, was a leader in the Clubhouse and on the field. Went to the pen and kicked ass when he did not want to but the team needed him and came back a a starter and kicked ass when needed.Class act all around. I wish him well.Oh and for getting him back for 20 milion and 2 years like a commenter stated, that would have been terrific but he got a much better deal for 2 years and 26.5 and since he is coming to the twilight of his career he needs to do what he needs to do.

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