Question of the Day, 5/15 …

We don’t have the depth for a big trade come July. What, if anything, is going to save this team? — @angelfan91

Performing to expectations and staying healthy. That simple.

For as star-laden and expensive a team as this is, it’s not a club that can really absorb an inordinate amount of injuries. Their farm system is barren, and their bench looked pretty weak once Vernon Wells was dealt to the Yankees. Look no further than the three starts Tommy Hanson (restricted list) has missed. Each of those nights — especially the latest one — the opposing team has batted around in an inning, basically because the Angels are left with nowhere to turn for additional starting pitching help. There are some teams (Yankees?) that can withstand using the disabled list seven times in the first six weeks. The Angels, apparently, aren’t one of them.

More than that, though, guys are simply under performing, as this Baseball Prospectus article evidenced by deploying PECOTA projections. Joe Blanton (0-7, 6.46 ERA, 1.87 WHIP) has taken the brunt of the criticism. But just as crippling, if not more so, is the fact that the three big signings of the last two offseasons — Albert Pujols (.248/.328/.418), Josh Hamilton (.214/.264/.358) and C.J. Wilson (3.88 ERA, 1.54 WHIP) — are simply not living up to their track records. Add that to all those who have been on the DL since April 1 (Jered Weaver, Ryan Madson, Sean Burnett, Kevin Jepsen, Peter Bourjos, Erick Aybar) and you have a problem.

The good news: Three-quarters of the season remains.

I’ll be away from the team for a little while moving forward, while trying to juggle a bunch of other things I have going on. William Boor is your man for the rest of this homestand.



I would also add, no team can absorb the number of hits to their bullpen/starting rotation that have hit the Angels. Their entire bullpen with the exception of Frieri and Downs (who would have been relegated to 4-5 on depth chart) should be in AAA or AA. Richards is in the bullpen and Enright starting because they need help in the 7th and 8th innings (course, only works if you get there with a lead). Last night was a perfect example. Lowe comes in and if he had even just traded runs for outs (giving up maybe 2 of the men on base to get the 3 outs) instead of giving up a run scoring double and then giving up 4 MORE runs, we might have had a chance.

I love it. Hamilton scratched from saturdays lineup againts the Whte Sox, then inserted into the game ( No Doubt Against his will, crying I’m not right today, I have the sniffles, I got soap in my eyes, I got a nasty paper cut when opening my mail ) in the 7th inning. The problem here ( and let’s face it This is a problem ) is that the Angels organization is going to treat Hamilton like a grown man ( Big Mistake ) and expect him to go about his bussiness like any other professional, what they don’t know is that the Rangers had to assign several people to baby sit this guy daily, convincing him, prodding him and cajoling him into to playing each day, contantly stroking his ego and catering to his every whim, behind closed doors Rangers officials said that they wouldn’t have him back at any price, Enter Art Moreno and Jerry Dipoto, wanting to make a big splash with southern California fans, while weakening their bitter division rival, they gave him a huge contract to leave his home town team. sounds like a really great plan, except for the fact that nobody else even had him on their radar, they essentially out bid themselves on a guy who had a bad rep and nobody wanted anything to do with. YOU DON’T run your company based upon how your bitter enemy is running his. Noboby thought to wonder why the Rangers didn’t want a left handed 16 game winner and a star Centerfielder back. Wilson is a mid rotation starter ( 3 or 4 ) on a first division team, but wanted Ace money and Hamilton is a immature, self absorbed, heartless child who needs to be pampered, stroked kissed up to and coddled, but who wanted to be paid like the superstar professional that he is not.
Good luck Angels fans, you’ve got another 5 years to deal with Hamiltons daily excuses and cop outs. The Rangers are a much better team without him. And so will the Angels be, we just didn’t have to eat $125 mil to be rid of him.

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