Moreno on Scioscia: ‘Mike has zero problems’

Well, there you have it.’s Jon Paul Morosi caught Arte Moreno at the Owners Meetings in New York and asked him about Mike Scioscia‘s oft-speculated-upon status as manager of the Angels. Moreno’s response: “Mike has zero problems, OK? This is his 14th year. Mike goes beyond what he does on the field. He’s a good person. He’s a good person in the community, a very good baseball guy. You don’t have to ask me. You just ask other managers, other baseball people.”

As for the job status of general manager Jerry Dipoto, Moreno told “We have had zero discussions on anything other than who is going to be healthy enough to play. Jerry’s been here a year and a half. There are a lot of underlying things we need to fix and adjust in the organization.”

What does all this mean?

Well, not much, really. Scioscia is under contract through 2018, as Morosi pointed out, and there’s no way his boss would ever go on record to say his job status is in jeopardy in the first place. If nothing else, though, it at least quells the outside speculation of whether or not he’ll be retained. And that can only help a manager do his job.

The big question is still what Moreno does, if anything, if the Angels fall short of the playoffs for a fourth straight season.

Right now, regardless of the Angels’ 15-24 record, it’s mid-May, there’s a whole lot of season left and it doesn’t seem very prudent to make a big staff change. As Albert Pujols pointed out, it’s on the players to perform up to their reputations.

“Right now,” Moreno told the site, “in Mike’s job, I have no questions about Mike.”

 — Alden 


I,ve been a angel fan since 1935. Going to Wrigley field was a great thrill and experience. I managed and played baseball for over 20 years, which means I have a little Knowledge of baseball. In the last four years , I believe mgr. Bill scioscia has not done a good job in managing the angels.He makes many mistakes including one of his worse i.e Instead of preventing a big inning he waits too long to remove the pitcher. He does this all the time.I will always be an angel fan no matter who is managing. R Culver

The Angels finally won the World Series in 2002 and that was my 30th year as a die-hard Angel fan. That doesn’t happen with any other man in the dugout. Locking Scioscia up was mandatory because he will go down as one of the best baseball minds ever. Bill Stoneman stepped down and hasn’t been properly replaced. It seems like common sense to me as to who needs to go. I honestly think that Angel Nation would be in great shape if we had Jon Hart running the ship. I love Pujols, Hamilton, etc. but 4 Dan Harens and 1 Jeff Weaver not rushing back to the mound and I, as a fan, feel much better about things. .

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moreno gave mike a 10 year deal. MIke is safe, sound and rich.

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