Question of the Day, 5/8 …

At what point do you expect the Angels to turn their season around? — @keaton_choi

If I knew that, I’d move to Vegas. Who knows. For some reason, nothing seems to be clicking right now. When they hit, like Tuesday, they don’t pitch. When they pitch, like Wednesday, they don’t hit. This is the time to turn it around. Right now. The Angels are two games into a 29-game stretch that will see them play only seven games against a team that’s currently above .500. And that team is the Royals. It’s no excuse — at all — but 22 of the Angels’ first 31 games came against teams that made the playoffs last year. That’s a tough stretch. If they go 19-10 in this 29-game stretch, they’re at .500 with guys like Jered Weaver, Ryan Madson, Sean Burnett and perhaps even Peter Bourjos back — and maybe Josh Hamilton finally swinging the bat. But losing back-to-back games to a bad Astros team is a tough way to start.



I for one have not given up hope for this season, but time is getting short, we need to start making positive strides immediately.
1) Get Weaver back asap, this solidifies the rotation, with CJ, Vargas, Hanson and Richards behind him. Also helps the pen
2) Find a way to get into Hamiltons head and straighten him out. He”s too good to keep going like this. At some point he has to get it together.
3) Get Trout back in centerfield and leading off, maybe he can recapture last years magic.
4). Find another quality bullpen arm to help shorten games, we need a bullpen rotation with defined role. 7th , 8th inning guys…ect ahead of Frieri. This is on Sosh and Butcher. I think a bullpen rotation is just as needed as a starting rotation.
these are issues that should reasonably be able to be adressed.
The division is not as good this year as it has been recently. There Is Still Hope. !!!!!!

Only problem with your list is this:
1) He can’t get back any faster then the injury lets him, and worse, he only made 2 starts, so will need a rehab stint.
2) I am sure they have tried. Until he goes up there and says “I am not swinging at pitches till they throw me at least 2 strikes over the plate” I am not sure it will get better. Right now the book seems to be, breaking ball for ball, then he starts swinging at everything.
3) If Bourjos is healthy, he needs to be in CF. As hard as it may be to believe, he is better defensively. I agree Trout in leadoff makes sense, with Aybar behind him and Bourjos batting 9th, but before he got hurt, Peter was one of the guys going well.
4) They thought they had done this in the off-season. You can’t set roles in the bullpen when it seems like everyone you bring in gives up hits or walks. The Roles you are talking about are all on the DL. The idea was for the 7th to be Jepsen/Downs, 8th for Frieri/Burnett (all dependent on matchups) and ninth to be Madsen. Shifting those 5 guys as needed.

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