Game 33: Angels-Astros …

Angels (11-21)

CALErick Aybar, SS
Mike Trout, CF
Albert Pujols, DH
Mark Trumbo, 1B
Josh Hamilton, RF
Howie Kendrick, 2B
Alberto Callaspo, 3B
Chris Iannetta, C
J.B. Shuck, LF

SP: RH Joe Blanton (0-5, 5.97 ERA)

Astros (9-24)

HOURobbie Grossman, CF
Jimmy Paredes, RF
Jose Altuve, 2B
Jason Castro, C
J.D. Martinez, DH
Carlos Pena, 1B
Chris Carter, LF
Matt Dominguez, 3B
Marwin Gonzalez, SS

SP: RH Bud Norris (3-3, 3.89 ERA)

  • Pujols is back at DH today because his surgically repaired right knee is bothering him. Nine of his last 11 games (not including the Sunday game he was out of the lineup for) had come at first base. Since his four-hit, two-homer game in Oakland on April 29, he’s 2-for-23, with a homer, a walk and six strikeouts.
  • Ryan Madson packed up his bags and left for Arizona on Wednesday, where he’ll pitch in at least two simulated games, then probably venture out on a rehab assignment, likely with the Cal League. On Tuesday, Madson talked about needing only two Minor League rehab outings, allowing him to return by the end of next week. That may be pushing it a little, but Scioscia didn’t rule it out pregame. “The process is not complete with Ryan,” Mike Scioscia said. “You have to see how he bounces back, see how his stuff plays.”
  • The Angels are now 4-5 when scoring six-plus runs this season. Last year, they were 93-13 in those instances.
  • A feature on Jerome Williams and the relationship with his late mother will run Sunday, at 4 p.m. PT on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight. This week, Williams has been posting photos of him and his mom on his Twitter account. Here’s a story I wrote on this subject for Mother’s Day last year.



At what time does someone have to pay for our on field performance ? I understand that this is not all Sosh”s fault. And not all Dipoto”s fault. But its starting to seem like no one is awake behind the wheel here. There is simply too much talent and too much payroll on this roster to justify looking the other way or as the manager likes to say ( turn the page ) and hope things just work themselves out.
Mr Moreno. Something needs to be done NOW. !!!!!
If the Manager can’t manage, get somebody who can. If the pitching coach can’t coach , get somebody who can. It time to shake things up. !!!!

Fans and Haters love to rally around the $$$ spent when complaining and talking trash, but I’m curious how much the money poorly spent bothers Arte. Maybe he doesn’t care about the cash, but is still miffed with the results so far. If so, who’s to blame? The manager with a contract running through 2018, the hot shot GM who has been hit and miss, or do the players just need a spanking? Forget the Hamilton and Albert contracts, many Angel fans appeared to be deeply concerned about the rotation that was assembled after Weaver and CJ. I think the Angels were thrown off guard when Greinke decided to head up The 5 freeway. Even he can’t get hurt fighting Quentin if he somehow stayed a Halo. The bullpen is a joke, but we all could laugh at a truckload of other bullpens too. The approach to the game much change and everybody needs to get on the same page or at least have a similar mindset. I get the feeling the Angels trying to play/pay big like say the Yankees/Red Sox is a strategy they clearly haven’t and might not master. It’s like they are trying to be something they aren’t and have paid for so far this season.

Angels are paying the price for not spending wisely. Before last season ago, they did not need a first baseman. They spent big to sign one. Before this season, the did not need an outfielder, They spent big to sign one. All those money should have been spent on pitching.

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