The other 11-21 Angels …

Only four other times in their 53-year history have the Angels gone 11-21 or worse through the first 32 games of their season — 1961 (the expansion year), ’69, ’72 and ’76. Here’s a look at how those seasons turned out …

1961: 77-84, 38 1/2 GB in the AL
1969: 71-91, 26 GB in the AL West
1972: 75-80, 18 GB in the AL West
1976: 76-86, 14 GB in the AL West

Only the ’69 and ’76 teams lost the next games to move to 11-22, so the company keeps shrinking.

” I think sometimes people make the mistake of playing GM when they’re not the GM,” C.J. Wilson said after the Angels’ latest loss, 7-6. “Our job is to play and play as hard as we can. We’re putting in the effort. If we got one more swinging bunt, maybe we come out on top, but that’s that’s the way baseball is. You can’t always explain it, can’t predict it. We’re giving 100-percent effort, and that’s all we can do. We could try to be more studious, maybe sacrifice a live goat or chicken, maybe get a pin-cushion out or something. We’re losing a lot of one-run games, but the pitching staff is getting supported by the offense, the offense is scoring enough runs. Sometimes it’s the big inning. Sometimes it’s a lot of little things.”


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Thats easy for CJ to say. But what was supposed to be the most prosperous time in Angels franchise history has turned into 4 years of crap baseball, horrible decisions, and alienating the fans.

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