Question of the Day, 4/29 …

Is there ANY hope for this bullpen? Trades? Minors? WEAVER?!?!?!??!??? — @jasiahsdad

Whoa, easy buddy. I know you’re frustrated, but I don’t think transitioning the Angels’ ace to the bullpen is the answer here — but point taken. Unless Jerry Dipoto can pull another early-season miracle — acquiring Ernesto Frieri from the Padres in early May last year was really, really hard — it is what it is, basically. There aren’t many (if any) teams that can stomach having four relievers (Ryan Madson, Sean Burnett, Kevin Jepsen and Mark Lowe) on the disabled list at the same time. The Angels have just three members of the Opening Day bullpen available as relievers right now — Jerome Williams, Frieri and Scott Downs. Think about that. For as well as Dane De La Rosa has pitched, it’s tough to count on him on an everyday basis to come through in tight situations. But that’s where the Angels are, because of all the injuries and because the starters — until just recently — have struggled. Sure, they can put in a waiver claim or two, spin a few minor trades, but nothing that’s going to change the landscape down there. For the most part, they just have to wear it — while hoping for more depth from the rotation, lots of production from the offense and a quick return to health. Sorry if that’s not the answer you’re looking for.



This season is unwatchable on every front

Agreed this season sucks I don’t even watch the games any more it’s painful to watch.

As painful as these games have been to watch, is a good way of weeding out the “only a fan if they win” mentality. If you are a FAN (see fanatic), then you take the bad with the good. The facts are, we have an elite manager who learned his craft at the knee of Tommy Lasorda, one of the best ever, we have a good team offensively – leading the league in team batting is no easy feat, especially when the bullpen is blowing the games, and we have a decent starting staff who are starting to feel their way. We’ve got four key members of the bullpen on the DL, not to mention Weaver, who is among the league elite. I know that this is trying, but if you are a fan then act like one and support the team and the management – they have the ability to turn this around quickly.

I’m not a fan if they just win, I’ve been a fan of the Angels since the early 90s when I was a kid running around grabbing autographs every game I went to. What I’m not a fan of is making stupid decisions without looking at the whole team. We were fine offensively we needed pitching. Even last year we saw it was hurting us late in games. But sure lets get another big bat because that’ll make everything rock solid in the bullpen. I’m just saying it’s painful to see all of the stuff that’s going on. Offense hasn’t been doing what they’re supposed to be doing. And no need to talk about the pitching. I still wear my hat everyday, but watching the games is painful.

O’h I don’t think that the season sucks or is un watchable at all, in fact I think its rather delightful……… This is just what happens when Angels make deals with the Devil ( Hambone ) they quickly become fallen Angels. OMG. LMAO 0 for 8 with three wiffs in a game the team really needed. Reminds me of last year in Texas !!!!!

The Ghost of Clayton Moore is smiling from Heaven

Did you guys not watch Hamiltons second half of 2012 season before flushing $125 mil on him ?
O’h By the way. David Murphy will be a free agent after the season : just in case you have another 100 Mil laying around Ha Ha Ha

As painful as our team is to watch I have no doubt our offense will be one of the top in baseball when the seaosn is over, hopefully Jered Weavers return to the rotation stabalizes that as well, its the bullpen that has me scared. What are we waiting for? Do we think guys like Kevin Jepsen and Mark Lowe are gonna come back and stabalize the late innings? I doubt it, both these guys have made a career of blowing leads and giving fans heart attacks. We need to get some new pieces in that bullpen, mix things up a little bit. Frieri is a beast, I love the combination of Downs and Burnett when healthy and we’ll wait and see on Madson, besides those guys and Michael Kohn, there is really nobody I want in the back end of the bullpen to touch the ball.

The Angels need a motivational speaker like Tony Roberts to come in and get theses guys motivate it could help ,

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