Wash: “I don’t feel good when Pujols is up there”

Albert Pujols may not be the same player we’ve grown accustomed to seeing right now. The plantar fasciitis on his left foot has greatly slowed his mobility and his OPS has dropped each of the last four years. But Rangers manager Ron Washington still has a ton of respect for the Angels’ first baseman, who’s been reduced to designated hitter for six straight games (and counting).

If you couldn’t tell from his actions on April 6, when he walked Pujols intentionally on three separate occasions, perhaps his words will convey it for you.

“I still see Pujols as the most dangerous man on Earth along with Miguel Cabrera with a bat in his hand,” Washington said Tuesday, in quotes passed along by MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan. “I don’t care what he looks like or what he’s doing. The man knows what he is doing when he steps in the box. We’re lucky we got him out last night.”

Pujols went 0-for-5 in Monday’s 7-6 Rangers win, but still went into Tuesday’s game with a .279/.398/.441 slash line.

“I don’t see him struggling,” Washington said. “He may have gone 0-for-5 last night and you may see Pujols struggling, but I don’t feel good when Pujols is up there. I don’t care if he has plantar facisitis. He can hit, and he can hit anybody.”


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I agree with Wash, nothing but respect for Albert, you put him right in there with Miggi, also Vlad from 2005 and maybe even Bonds and A Rod from the same era. He”s a great great hitter and without the roids

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