Question of the Day, 4/16 …

What can fix the Angels???? — @VivaJRC

I hate for the first QOTD of the season to come under such tumultuous times, but, well, this is probably as good a time as any.

The answer to that question is very simple: The starters need to be better. They have a Major League-worst 6.07 ERA and have pitched into the seventh inning only once all season, putting the offense behind early on an almost-nightly basis and gutting a bullpen that’s already thin.

The solution? It has to come in-house, at least for now. The Angels have some payroll flexibility after trading Vernon Wells, but teams don’t make trades in April — not for big-name players, anyway. It’s too early. Newcomers Tommy Hanson, Jason Vargas and Joe Blanton may not boast the resumes of, say, Zack Greinke, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana, but they have reputations for pitching deep into games, and they’re simply not doing that. The three of them are a combined 1-6 with a 7.36 ERA in 40 1/3 innings so far. They simply have to be better.

I’ve been getting a lot of the predictable, fire-and-brimstone tweets and e-mails recently — FIRE BUTCHER!!! FIRE SCIOSCIA!!! — and if this team continues to underachieve, there’s no telling what Arte Moreno will do.

But would that actually solve anything right now?



Nothing Can solve the problem they have on their hands. They spent the money in the wrong place that’s all there is to it. They should have picked up some good pitching int he offseason not another big bat that as of now is doing nothing.

It’s not just the bad start. It’s four consecutive years of underachievement. Those who are reluctant to attribute that to poor management now are often those who were only too happy to attribute an earlier era of success to Scioscia’s “intangibles”. It can’t be both ways.

Dipoto blew it by letting Arte confuse marketing with roster construction, and spending as much on Hamilton as he could have on Anibal Sanchez and Joe Saunders (among others). Meanwhile, the Halos had one the top four offenses in the MLB by multiple measures in 2012.

Add an inflexible manager with voodoo theories about lineup construction – like replacing a .399 OBP leadoff guy with .300-.330 OBP alternatives will score more runs! because, duh, RBIs – and this team is as non-competitive as it can be.

At this point, those who mock the “fire Scioscia” campaigners do so from a defensive crouch. Four years into failure, you’re either protecting your job or organizational connections if you can’t value team success over legacy management. Be a fan, not a PR flack. There’s no profit in the latter. The trade in nostalgia is a low-margin business.

Fire scioscia sounds rite to me

trade for king felix

It’s a problem they need to solve in house. A trade isn’t going to happen, the only way out of it is to try to figure out what is going on with the pitching staff and right away. Firing Scioscia isn’t going to fix anything, and letting Butcher go is only going to push off the problems solving of the pitchers as a new coach would then have to learn the pitchers and their routines. There’s not much that they can do but tough it out and hope that by mid season they are still in contention and be in a position to make a trade.

Angel fans, have faith, they’ll get it turned around and the wins will start piling up.

I agree with most everything said. Two changes I would make, at least until Aybar returns. Swap Hamilton and Trumbo. Hamilton can’t lay off the outside pitch right now. Sit Pujols for a few days to see if his legs improve. He made need the DL. Put Conger in as the DH. Unless Ianetta gets hurt in the 1st inning, even if we have to move him to catcher and have the pitcher bat sometime in the game Conger can provide some spark. It was pathetic watching the final out last night. Any other player on the team would have beat that out. Maybe even Bengie Molina could have. (Just kidding there guys).

Scioscia go? Maybe. His decisions have been strange. Not pinch running for Pujols in the ninth inning of a game, like he did a few games ago, is just plain STUPID. The pitching will probably come around, but the signings of Pujols, Hamilton and the new pitchers may cripple us for years. I don’t know how much imput Scioscia had on those, but maybe it’s DePodesta (sp?) that’s the real problem!

The scary part is if you look at the guys in the minors, especially at Double A, the top prospects are all struggling.

I agree it will turn around but is it going to be too late again like last year?

I’m to the point now where I watch the games with no emotional attachment to the team. I am a die hard, but putting my heart and sole into supporting this team at this time will do nothing but bring me down into a spiraling depression. Seriously, it’s that bad. This team is terrible. My usual reaction to an opposing team home run is “dam you”… Now, it’s “is that all you got?” Again, this team is terrible………have I said how awful this team is playing? It’s really bad. One more time, this team sucks. Mike Scioscia’s seat is hotter than lane kiffins…how does that happen? Uh, because this team sucks.

Yah same here I’m even reluctant to wear my hat to work especially living in the bay area with a bunch of Giants and A’s fans around me. The keep picking on the So Cal kid lol. Hopefully the pitching will turn it around.

Did DipHolo not learn not anything from the Vernone fiasco. Weed did not need a $125 million anchor around our necks for the next 5 years, my question is . What would have been wrong with keeping Haren, Morales and Hunter then adding $25mil to what we gave Hamilton and convincing Greinke to come back. Or applying some of it towards Annibal Sanchez and another good rotation arm ?

Sosh didn’t make calls Dipholo did. Let’s give credit where it is due.

Disagree — both with your premise and with your infantile use of namecalling. Haren is DONE. Hunter could not be kept due to our pursuit of Greinke. Morales should have been either retained or traded for someone with swing and miss stuff, not some park-inflated soft-tosser. But the REAL error was in ARTE’S laser focus on the BIG BAT. Wells wasn’t needed. Pujols wasn’t needed. And Hamilton? Are you seeing the pattern? Does this seem like the actions of a former pitcher or an owner whose EGO is running this team into the basement? The answer could not be more obvious.

DiPoto didn’t much up this ball club. It was already mucked up by Arte, Reagins and Co. Wells, Pujols, Hamilton — all three moves have one thing in common: they were designed to bring PRESS to the Angels, media attention, butts in seats. Now these three moves have collectively put this ball club up against the luxury tax — which is most unfortunate given the fact that the CORE NEEDS of this club have gone ignored for just as long. The need — then and now — has been PITCHING. While the Angels brass pat themselves on the back for triumphant offseason after triumphant offseason, lauding themselves having created the “Yankees of the West,” they have only managed to outdo the Yankees in one aspect — being even dumber with their money.

So what’s DiPoto to do about it (assuming he’s ever TRULY put in charge)? All he can do at this point is 1) start bringing up young arms and see what sticks, and 2) work with Scioscia to come up wiht a better plan to optimize our lineups, maximizing the hot hand, planning daily bullpen rotations instead of trotting out whomever according to Scioscia’s broken voodoo formula. And if Sosh doesn’t like it… BUH-BYE!

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