Hamilton elaborates on Texas comments …

Angels slugger Josh Hamilton has been catching some heat from Rangers fans in Texas recently, for telling a TV reporter on Sunday that Texas is “not a true baseball town.” In case you missed it, this is what he told CBS-11’s Gina Miller …

“It’s one of those things where Texas, especially Dallas, has always been a football town. So the good with the bad is they’re supportive, but they also got a little spoiled, at the same time, pretty quickly. You can understand like a really true, true baseball town — and there are true baseball fans in Texas – but it’s not a true baseball town.”

Hamilton elaborated on those comments briefly after Monday’s workout. Here’s a transcript …

“I told them on camera – I said there’s true baseball fans and then there’s others that’s not. I said the ones that are true baseball fans won’t boo when I come back, and the ones that are not, will. It’s just like last year, when I got booed after going 2-for-4 in a game, driving in a couple runs, and I struck out the other two times. You understand the Yankees, Boston, Cubs, Phillies — baseball towns. If they were doing that, that’s one thing.”

On the sensitivity of people in Texas right now … “Everybody’s sensitive. We had a good team, and they still have a good team. But we did some things that had never been done before in Texas, so obviously they want to keep doing those things. They have young guys coming up and they’re going to have to get it done.”

On whether by ‘spoiled’ he meant by the team or by his individual play … “No, [the team]. Everything I talk about is team, man. It’s not saying I don’t still appreciate them, and thank you for cheering for me and all that. But reality’s reality. I think I’ve always spoken the truth in what I said and not beat around the bush. But I loved my time there.”

On the response he got from people in Texas  after he signed with the Angels … “Nothing. We’re going to miss you.’ Nothing different, man. If I’m out looking in places where I shouldn’t be, I’m going to find bad responses. If I’m living my life, with my kids and family, and I am where I am supposed to be, I’m going to get support.”



You’d think after playing 5 years in Texas he would realize that Texas is actually a state now. Not a history buff are you Josh ? Tell us Jethro Bodine 2.0, how many times does 1 Gazinta 2 ?


You Angels fans better get ready for the Show. And remember to remind yourselves daily that its always about Josh. If the fans boo him, then they arent true fans. Ha! This man will enthrall you with his natural ability one day and then leave you dumb-struck in his childishness the next. I guess Mike Adams said it best last year, “it all depends on which Josh shows up.” He is the anti-Albert Pujols, and it should make for a couple of interesting years.

Good luck.

Josh are you joking, North Texas fans aren’t true fans cause you were boo’d ? The Fans boo’d you because you sleep walked through the last 4 months of the season. And when your team needed you to step up in the middle of a heated Pennant race, you looked for ways to get out of the line up. You then made statements like ( I still had a pretty good year, and just think if I hadn’t taken the 2cd half of the season off ). Then when the fans turn on you you hide behind the bible, quoting verses aimed at fans who boo’d. Never realizing that the fans reacted the way they did because you QUIT on your TEAM, your TEAMATES and your FANS. Angels fans will soon see what waste of talent you really are. And if you think you had it tough in Texas, wait and see what happens to you after Angels fans find out what a pathetic loser you really are.

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He’ll hath no fury like a baseball fans scorn.:-)))

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