Bourjos trade suddenly seems likely …

The Angels’ stunning agreement with free-agent outfielder Josh Hamilton probably means that Peter Bourjos is once again on the trading block. Bourjos hardly played last season, after putting up solid numbers in 2011, but seemed primed to be the starting center fielder in 2013 now that Torii Hunter is gone.

That changed quickly on Thursday. A lot of options are still on the table, but the latest move may mean Hamilton plays left field, Mike Trout is in center, Mark Trumbo is in right and Bourjos, once again, is on the block for a starting pitcher (R.A. Dickey?).

Reached by phone, here’s what Bourjos said (he has not been informed of any trade just yet, by the way) …

On being on the trading block again … 

“Obviously this game’s a business, and you know that going into it that you can eventually be traded. If you have an opportunity, from a management standpoint, to sign Josh Hamilton, I think you do it. And then, wherever the pieces fall with me or whatever they do, you handle that aspect.”

On planning to be the everyday center fielder again … 

“You know, I really don’t plan on anything after what happened last year. Not that I didn’t believe what was said in the paper, I just know how quickly this game can change and how opportunities arise. I never really got my hopes up. Obviously I want to stay in Anaheim and play there. I’m not sure what’s going to happen now. But at the end of the day, from my perspective, I just want to play. I really don’t want to go through what I went through last year where I wasn’t playing. The last two months, I got like three at-bats. So hopefully, if I’m the odd man out, hopefully they’re willing to trade me and I’m able to go somewhere and play every day.” 

If Hamilton signs, is your preference to be traded … 

“If that’s the case. I don’t know what their plans are; obviously I want to stay in Anaheim. If it’s a situation where I can play every day, then I absolutely would love to stay there. I love everybody from Arte Moreno on down — John Carpino, Jerry Dipoto, all the guys in the team. That’s where I’d like to be. But if I’m going to be in the position where I was last year, then obviously I’d want to play every day.”



Seems, not Seams … especially in the headline of a story…

keep Bourjos and get rid of Wells….

would love to, but…
Who the hell would trade for him? Especially carrying that $18M salary

Class act Peter, we’re hoping you get everyday playing time here in ANA too!

fuck you, just wells and callaspo!

Trade bourges and wells

Dumb. No one will take Wells contract. Trumbo has way too much upside at the plate. I think the play is to trade Morales for another arm.

Not morales thats crazy

That’s exactly what I’m thinking they will do.

Trade Morales for another arm. Why? Morales plays 1st or DH and is up for arbitration this year(4millions plus).

Trumbo. Plays 1st, any outfield spot DH AND if really needed he can play 3rd. All at a 3rd year salary less then $500k.

I feel they both have the same value for batting with a slight positive for Morales(switch hitter).
Trumbo’s upside that I think trumps that is his bat can be in the lineup EVERY day all while giving starters from other positions rest as the DH.

Morales is more value to trade for another starter then Trumbo or Speedy Petey for that matter.

I want Speedy Pete to start next year with Trout and Hammy. Send Morales somewhere for another arm. There is more upside to a young and incredibly fast Pete. I’d rather give Pete Well’s $$ and not watch him on the bench.

I agree.. kendrys is an important bat behind Hamilton. Imagine our lineup against right pitchers.. Peter is a nice guy but he will never get a chance to play in the Angels. Futhermore, i dont think Trumbo would like the idea of being a DH. IF he can play 3Rd base it would be great. HE is way more athletic than Cabrera. And Cabrera had to play third… lets make the back to back to back to back to back homeruns happen…. Our offense will kill the other teams.

I wouldn’t trade Bourjos, I still play him CF with Trout in LF and Hamilton in RF. Remember, Wells is still an Angel and he would be the 4th OF. I would trade Kendrys or Trumbo to get a decent starting pitcher because there woud be a glut of DHs and 1Bs; Rotate Hamilton/Pujols and the one left from Kendrys/Trumbo through the DH position.

Put Trumbo at third,and you can keep everybody!

I think we tried that experiment last year and it did not go well.

Any word on the hip surgery that Bourjos was supposed to have this offseason? Seems it might affect his trade value.

I would say leave Peter, he is young and is still under control of the team. I would look to trade Morales (that is if he is not likely to sign after the year). Or If they could sign Morales now to an extension in the range of 3-5 years for a decent amount (and not what Scott Boras thinks is decent) I would package Peter with Wells to see if we can get rid of him (he is just blocking young players and consuming a ton of payroll). I would prefer to do the first option since its hard for speed to slump and Morales can always get hurt again or slump plus he is mainly a first baseman and we already have Albert for a long long time.

Anyone that says get rid of Wells does not understand finances. Nobody will take his contract…and you have no leverage to get anything for him….

Thank you!…keep Pete and his buck 80 BA…defensive sub at best!

TW..When Bourjos played full-time in 2011 he was in 147 games and hit 271. hardly a buck 80. Some hitters have to play a lot to hit well. He’s much more than a defensive specialist. I hope they trade him to a team that appreciates his talents.

I would rather Bourjos play and develop, than to put Trumbo and Morales in a merry good round and never get comfortable at the plate.

Poor Houston Astros

Somehow, there has has to be a way of getting rid of Wells, even if the Angels lose money, that was a bad deal done by Riggins, but maybe the Mets would take advantage and we might be able to get R. A. Dickey

Nobody but nobody is going to take Wells unless the Angels pay for most of his services. He would be a minor player considered in any Dickey trade.

We need younger, cheaper arms than Dickey.

If we’re stuck with Wells, let’s hope he is the Comeback Player of the Year in 2013.

No, lets hope not! That would mean one of our outfielders would be injured!

Trumbo CAN play third! Let’s not abandon that idea! This would enable everyone to play and put Callaspo into a Maicer Izturis role.

Puh..Leeeezzz!!! I could play third. But like Trumbo…NOT VERY WELL. Opposing teams would set new records in bunt hits. He’s a good first baseman but when required to throw across the diamond…….

trade kendry…keep bourjos in center…dh trumbo. dh hamilton and pujols once a week and trumbo fills in defensively..rather than getting dickey p/u annibel sanchez or Lohse and we’re good.

sorry but the Angels missed the boat on Izzy….he’s in Toronto now.

Peter is awesome you cant get rid of him😦 I just bought a Bourjos jersey too. I’s so sad now

Use it to wash the car with…Hey maybe we should keep Pete around to keep the fleet scrubbed up! At least we would be getting something besides that pathetic BA and OBP. Get over it people, Pete played way over his head in 2011. He finally found his groove @ below .180 and…the more some players play the more they stink it up and the quicker they continue their journey down the toilet!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…finally someone who has an understanding of the game and the players!

I agree 100%…don’t know why everyone is so high on Pete Bourjos…the guy isnt gonna help us win f’n ballgames….trading Bourjos and/or Morales along with Hank Conger would get us SOLID pitching in return…i say we keep wells as a backup since we are paying him harm there, but honestly, get off of Peter Bourjos’s junk everyone!! He may be able to start in CF on another MLB team, but not the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim!! Let’s pull our head out and get some pitching!!!

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It’s easy! Trade Morales now because with Hamilton we are protected from the left side and he (Morales) will leave next year to become an everyday first baseman which cannot happen in Anaheim. Put Trumbo at DH and keep Peter in the outfield.

Trade bourjos for dickey on one condition, they take wells too, even offer to pay % of vernons contract. What a joke that contract is!

Trade Bourjos to the Braves…..we’re looking a another outfielder.

I should have said “looking for another outfielder”.

I don’t think Dipoto has the brains to figure this out. You cannot buy what Bourjous, Trout, & Trumbo bring. Morales & Wells are the odd men out. Use their value for pitching.. ells salary, just sacrifice it as the previous

What does everyone think about this limeup

you cant put bourgos in front of trout he cant steal bases

What does everyone think about this lineup. Trout lf. Bourjos cf. Hamilton rf. Morales third aybar ss. Kendrick second puljois first trumbo. Dh

Hitting order
1. Bourjos
2. Trout
3. Hamilton
4. Puljois
5. Morales
6. Trumbo
7. Aybar
8. Kendrick
9. Ianetta

Trade wells;Kendrick get whatever you can dor

morales can hardly place first, there is no way he plays third

Morales played very well at 1b last year, has one of the strongest arms in the team (stated by players and coaches) and if healthy a better athlete than Trumbo. Morales played a lot of 3b when he was Cuba (Trumbo was never a 3b in his life). And is everyone forgetting Trumbo’s second half? The downside to Morales is he only has one year left on contract and is represented by Scott Boros. He is also older. Hard to figure who gets the most in trade value. So, leave,either available for trade.

Is this Scott Boros putting his two cents in? Get real! I love Kendrys’ swing but in his lifetime will never be a better athlete than Trumbo.

You want back to back, to back, to back, to back, to back HR’s?

You want back to back, to back, to back, to back, HR’s?

You want back to back, to back, to back, to back HR’s?

Trumbo 3rd, Morales DH

They could put Trumbo at 3rd base. They never gave him an opportunity to master the position last year. His foot was injured and he couldn’t play at the beginning of spring training. If he could get enough time, he could be decent. His offense would offset his short-comings there.

Gotta keep Bourjos too. Can’t have a bunch of hammers without some chisels. Trumbo must stay too. He can be your future 1st baseman when Pujols is shifted to fulltime DH

Why is there such a hate there for Morales? This year he is just going to be himself. Nobody there in Los Angeles thought he could had played again and you could see his numbers in a limited role.

Totally agree.

Disappointed yet again. And here we are, still stuck with Vernon Wells – how peachy.

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Josh Hamilton at $25 million per? This Arty guy must have more holes in his head a slice of Swiss cheese. Tori Hunter’s WAR in 2012 was 5.0. Hamilton was 3.7. Tori’s natural being as a teacher helped Mike Trout reach his potential sooner than he would without him. Josh Hamilton is, I’m sure a good person, but his concentration is going to be on his continuing to keep his Sh*t together, stay healthy and focused. Hamilton, like Tori, are both older players – but with Pujols getting up there with 9 more years on his contract – plus 5 for Hamilton, Arty is spending cash like he believes in the Mayan calendar and the end of the world coming. They needed and still need starting pitching. What they got may not even cover the Haren loss. They needed to spend what was required for Greinke, who liked playing in Anaheim. Not spending for Grenkie I can accept, but don’t turn around a spend $125 million on something you don’t need! Peter Bourjos is going to be a star – too bad we won’t be watching him play. P.S.: I will take all the above back if they trade Peter and Kendry to the Mets for Dickey.

Just imagine it. Last year, we got Pujols and C.J. Wilson. I wouldn’t be surprised if we landed Hamilton AND Dickey before Christmas. :3

No available at bats for Peter. Has potential to be a great defensive player and good overall player. But, the team is stronger overall with either Morales or Trumbo in the line-up over Bourjos. He can only get better playing every day.
Trout cf
Kendrick 2b
Albert 1b
Hamilton RF
Morales DH
Trumbo LF
Callaspo 3b
Ianetta C
Akbar SS

Not bad but Kendrick has proven he can’t bat second. I kind of expect Aybar to have a solid season and he caught fire the last half of the season. If he struggles again callaspo can handle the bat well. Preference is Bourjos batting second though🙂

It’s interesting how quickly everyone has jumped on the R.A. Dickey bandwagon. He’s 38 years old (granted that’s not a huge consideration for a knuckleballer) and had around a 5.5 ERA in his 7 years in the AL. He moves to a HUGE pitcher friendly ballpark in the already pitcher friendly national league and, surprise, his ERA goes down. He’s a solid pitcher but lets take it easy. And i haven’t forgotten Trumbo’s second half. He has a huge upside and he’s young; but what I saw at the plate for the last 3+ months of the year was truly frightening. He was lost at the plate and had absolutely NO idea how to fix it. He was late on every fastball and couldn’t tell a breaking ball from a grass stain. If he goes into another slump I don’t think he can recover. I love watching Trumbo when he’s on, but I think he has more value as a trade piece. Keep Bourjos in center to save Trout and Hamilton and trade Trumbo for someone like Bumgarner or anyone from Washington’s rotation. What would be interesting to see is whether or not a trade to the Yanks for Sabathia would be plausible (Throw in Wells to make the money workable) I can’t say I want CC but it might be a way to dump Captain liability. Personally i’d rather have Hamels. Signing Hamilton instead of starting pitchers really didn’t do us any favors.

1.Trout cf
2. Aybar ss
3. Pujols 1b
4. Hamilton lf
5. Morales dh
6. Trumbo rf
7. Kendrick 2b
8. Callaspo 3b
9. Ianetta c

dynamic move, now don’t make the mistake of trading trumbo.

yes we are the only stupid team in baseball……..this is the biggest reason Reagins isnt the GM anymore..because he straight sucked! Dipoto is doing a great job, he is spending a crap load of money but getting some great players. He also is filling in the gaps that have really plagued this team the last 2 years, the bullpen. The bullpen is pretty solid right now. Keep it up Dipoto nice work!

Everyone says no one will take on Wells’ contract. We did, didn’t we? Are we the ONLY stupid team in baseball that would do that? Isn’t there at least ONE team that needs an experienced outfielder?

We GAVE him the contract…OOPS!

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ok angels lets go, the manager should be able to pull this one off this time or mikey your gone this time and get rid of the lame third base and get dickey trade the kid so he can play in new york maybe!!! get napoli back

If we trade make it for a third baseman who can hit for power.

1. Trout CF 1. Weaver
2. Trumbo 3B 2. Haren
3. Pujols 1B 3. Wilson
4. Hamilton RF 4. Blanton
5. Morales DH 5. Hanson
6. Kendrick 2B 5a. Richards
7. Wells LF 5b. Williams
8. Ianetta C
9. Aybar

To me this team is set. Getting Trumbo to play a respectable 3 bag is a must. Callaspo will never be the answer there. I wouldnt trade for Dickey unless it involved taking Wells’ contract. This is a solid rotation as it sits – with depth. Bullpen is looking nice especially without Walden in it🙂.
Have to get off a to good start this year, and all will be good – REAL GOOD
Look out MLB the Angels are the team to beat!

ummm haren signed with the nationals

Maybe we can trade Pete and get him back…duh!

That’s a moae-brdlker. Great thinking!

If your articles are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

Haren ?

Here’s hoping they take the 25 mil they saved between the Hamilton deal and what Greinke got and use it to pay Wells’ salary when they ship him off somewhere in a package with Petey and a backup arm like Mills to get that quality starter we’re missing behind Weav, and CJ. We got our innings eater already.

thats stupid.. theres no 3rd base in the market that can hit 30 hr.. and kendrys can.. F… pitching we have the best offense in the game.

Trade Morales and Callaspo for,a power hitting 3rd baseman if there is one available.

Ever heard of a guy by the name of headley?, chase headley could be available with the right pieces moved to San Diego Bourjos or Trumbo and prospects could get that done, he’s the 3b we need!

wow lots of chatter …I agree …trade Morales for an arm …he will be eleigible for free agency soon ….keep Peter… way too much upside and speed ……Wells becomes the DH…..Trumbo figures out third base and can relieve Albert at first when needed…this leaves you with a speedy great outfield ….and Wells is the overpaid guy but at least he is not grumbling on the bench all season and should be able to add 20 homers albeit at a .240 average.

Hard to get rid of Morales. Mike loves switch hiters, and Morales also has major pop. Moving Wells would be the best move . The move would give the players a difining role for everyday play. Having to many players crowding the outfield hurt . All players need consistant at bats to find thier groove. Even Wells would fit in nicely if he played everyday. I think spot playing hurts major leauge players. The Angels really picked up the BA after a couple injuries forced them to play Trumbo everyday. It’s my opinion that whatever they do both Wells and Peter will benefit from playing everyday with Angels or another team. As far as 3rd goes. Defence in playoffs is critical. Low scoring games in Oct do not allow errors to be made. We win whith solid D. Good solid Pithching and Timely Hitting. Go Angels. Welcome Aboard Josh.

other than outfield Hamilton can also relieve Puljols at first on rest days…keep Peter B. then trade Morales and go after RA Dickey…

Some of you people should learn how to spell players’ names. Maybe people might take your opinions more seriously. It also helps to know who is presently on the team.

Now that the Tigers signed Sanchez. Perhaps a trade of Bourgos for Porcello would make sense?

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