Angels positioning themselves for big move?

It seemed like the Angels were mostly done for the offseason, after acquiring two starting pitchers (Tommy Hanson and Joe Blanton) and two back-end relievers (Ryan Madson and Sean Burnett) to push their payroll to about $140 million.

But maybe that has changed.’s Buster Olney wrote via Twitter on Thursday that the Angels are “positioning themselves for a big strike in the market,” speculating that high-priced free-agent outfielder Josh Hamilton could be the target. Joe McDonnell of attributed a Major League source in tweeting that the Angels are in serious negotiations with Hamilton.

On Wednesday, when the four new pitchers were introduced at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney, Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto said: “I don’t feel like anything else is imminent, I don’t feel like anything else is pressing and I don’t think anything else is required.” And a source told that if the Angels do make another signing, it’d probably be in January if the market dries up on a starting pitcher, prompting him to take much lower than expected.

But has owner Arte Moreno suddenly decided to stretch out the budget once more, like he did last offseason to acquire Albert Pujols? And is it a reaction to the big-ticket moves made by the Dodgers, as Olney speculated?


— Alden Gonzalez 


we dont need hamilton. our offense was explosive last year and thats with ap struggling for the first month. we need pitching…seriously weaver, cj and a bunch of number 5’s aint gonna cut it. we need someone like dickey or anibal.

Dickey had I good year. Hamilton would add huge protection to Pujols and that could make them the best 1-2 punch in baseball

we did have a great offense last year but losing Tori will hurt and losing Izzy hurts our infield depth. I look at three areas where the angels can improve. Offensive depth, 6, 7, 8 ,9 of kendrick callaspo ianetta bourjus is not great, and if an infielder goes down our offense looks real week. Then I say startign pitching depth is still an issue. But looking at a guy like Hamilton helps you in two of those areas. It gives your offense huge depth with a 6 7 8 9 now looking like trumbo kendrick ianetta callaspo and it takes pressure off having to have inflield depth beause any back up infleider can go into the 9 hole int he order if need be. pitchers like sanchez are not worth it if we are going to spend money on a pitcher i would like to see it be a low level move and contract to someone liek Joe Saunders. Plus if the Angels get Hamilton that means that the Mariners and Rangers wotn have him. And remember CJ wilson and Hamilton were close with one another.

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Think the idea being sign Hamilton, trade Bourjous for additional pitching…he’s been in high demand this winter…

this was my first thought also trying to trade wells…

A Hamilton lo necesita cualquier equipo, ademas desarmamos a texas, excelente regalo de navidad por parte del dueño del equipo para nosotros los fanaticos de angelinos


I see a trade using Morales, not Bourjos. We’d no longer need his left hand bat and he’ll be gone after this year anyway.

Do they need Hamilton? No…but how can you pass up an opportunity to take your biggest rival’s best player? Especially after they have lost other players this winter already. And getting Hamilton all but guarantees that a trade for more starting pitching is on the way. Not to mention the already good offense would be even better, and you add a much needed left-handed bat to the lineup.

He is to much of a head case to spend reportedly 5 years 25 mil. He is not a hard working player and tends to make excuses to take the day off. # years maybe not 5.

I think we will see both Morales and Bourjos used in a trade for a frontline pitcher and minor league help. Morales will be gone at end of next season: wants to play field and Boras client so will want huge contract. We have to many outfielders and I don’t think you can let Bourjos sit another season. Of course, you could also trade Morales, move Trumbo to DH (with spelling Pujols at first) and have an outfield of Trout/Bourjos/Hamilton (if he will move to right).
If no trade, middle of that lineup is scary: Pujols (R), Hamilton (L), Morales (S), Trumbo (R). I would let Trout leadoff, bat Bourjos 2nd (isn’t a good stealer, but can score on gap and will force outfield errors).

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