Santana talks Angels, Royals and moving on …

Ervin Santana took part in a conference call with Royals reporters. Here’s what he said about Wednesday’s trade from the Angels (thanks to Royals beat reporter Dick Kaegel for passing this along) …

“I’ve very excited and I can’t wait to be with you guys.”

Disappointed to be leaving contender and joining what has been a non-contending team? …

“It’s not because the Royals have a very good team. They’ve got very good young talent and they’ve got a good defense and it’s very exciting.”

Can you be a No. 1 pitcher in the rotation? …

“If they give me the opportunity, I’ll be ready for it. I’ll be 100 percent ready for it. . . . I have the tools for it. So I if they give me a chance, I just have to go out there and do the job.”

Can you come back from a poor season? …

“I have to keep my mind confident and throw a lot of strikes and everything will change.”

Any physical problems last year? …

“I don’t have any physical problem, everything was good, I just had bad luck.”

What do you know about the Royals? …

“I know they’re very aggressive, have a good defense and very good young talent. I’m going to go over there and prove that I can help the team win games.”

Tough leaving Angels? …

“A little bit but, at the same time, I have to realize that this is a business. They’re trying to get something out (of it). I was not ready for it, but they traded me and I just have to accept it and just move on. It’s going to be hard because I’ve known these teammates for a long time but now I’m going to have new teammates and I can’t wait to meet them and hang out with them.”

Interested in longer-term deal? …

“Yeah, I would be interested but I’ll see how it is first and we’ll go from there.”

Kauffman  Stadium?

“I like the stadium, it’s very nice, it’s one of my favorite stadiums.”


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Kansas City has now fallen off a bit, but truly, we Royals will never stop bnvielieg. The Royals are going to be really good 2013-2019 or so. They all heard it here first. KC 4 LIFE

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