Report Card: Outfield/DH …

Mark Trumbo, LF

2012: .268/.317/.491, 32 HR, 95 RBI
2011: .254/.291/.477, 29 HR, 87 RBI

In keeping with the theme here, Trumbo aced the mid-term, but failed the non-cumulative final exam. He hit .306/.358/.608 in the first half, but .227/.271/.359 in the second half — dropping all the way down to eighth in the order and occasionally getting benched for Vernon Wells. Was it an uncharacteristically long slump that he’ll shake off and won’t happen again? Or did he rapidly digress towards the mean after hitting outside of himself in the first half? The sample size may not be big enough to know for sure just yet. But one thing we do know: Trumbo’s power is real.

Grade: B-

Mike Trout, CF

2012: .326/.399/.564, 30 HR, 49 SB

Trout is like that brainy kid in your pre-calc class who constantly screws up the curve. You can’t do any better than Trout did after coming up on April 28, putting up one of the greatest offensive seasons in baseball history while making a tremendous impact in center field and on the basepaths. Yeah, he struck out 139 times. So what? He also led the team in walks. Oh, and by the way, Alex Rodriguez struck out 121 times per season from 1996 to 2008. He did pretty well in that span. Question is: Long-term, is Trout a leadoff hitter or a three-hole hitter?

“For the foreseeable future, I see Mike as a leadoff hitter,” general manager Jerry Dipoto said, “but that being said, I think Mike transcends any position of the lineup. He can hit wherever you want him to hit. He’s got middle-of-the-order power, he’s got top-of-the-order speed, he’s got top-of-the-order ability to get on base. Frankly, it’s a very good package of skills.”

Um, yeah it is.

Grade: A+

Torii Hunter, RF

2012: .313/.365/.451, 16 HR, 92 RBI
1999-2011: .274/.332/.468, 22 HR, 81 RBI

Was 2012, his age-37 season and his 16th in the big leagues, Hunter’s best yet? It’s at least debatable. Thanks to a monstrous second half, Hunter hit .300 for the first time in his decorated career and may end up with his first Gold Glove as a right fielder (10th overall). Not only that, Hunter was as clutch as can be for the Angels down the stretch, when they were scratching and crawling for a spot in the playoffs, and continued to be the veteran and emotional leader of this team. If he departs via free agency, he will be gravely missed.

Grade: A-

Kendrys Morales, DH

2012: .273/.320/.467, 22 HR, 73 RBI
2010: .306/.355/.569, 34 HR, 108 RBI

It’s hard to analyze Morales’ season in a vacuum because the real story lies in much he had to overcome. The switch-hitter missed almost two full seasons with a couple of left ankle surgeries — making the kind of comeback that’s quite unprecedented among position players — and not only stayed healthy and hit well, but played a pretty good first base while Albert Pujols was out. Everybody in the Angels organization would’ve been ecstatic if you told them in spring that they’d get a .787 OPS out of Morales this season. Next year, his walk year, he should be even better.

Grade: B

Week 1: Infield.



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