Question of the Day, 10/3 …

What is your personal offseason “to improve for 2013” list for the Angels? — @joberooni

1. Resigning Zack Greinke. The Angels put a lot of their eggs in that basket, trading three good prospects (Jean Segura, Ariel Pena, John Hellweg) in a year where they wouldn’t get free-agent compensation. Also, there’s a huge drop-off after Greinke in the free-agent market, and he’d be perfect as the No. 2 starter in Anaheim. The hope is that getting a taste of the Angels organization for a couple months would warm him up to Anaheim and give them an advantage this offseason. We’ll see.

2. Figuring out the outfield, which includes trying to part ways with Vernon Wells, seeing if Torii Hunter is a fit to come back and, if he is, deciding what to do with Peter Bourjos.

3. Addressing the bullpen. Jerry Dipoto isn’t very willing to pump too much money into the bullpen, and I don’t fault him for that — it’s too risky with relievers, and when starters and position players are so expensive, you have to save somewhere. But Mike Scioscia needs more options back there. He hasn’t had many the last two years.



thanks for picking my question, Alden! Means a lot. And once again, thanks for a great year.

I hope they figure out a way to work Bourjos in. Would be a shame to waste his defense.

Resign Grienke – no brainer.
Resign/Negotiate with Santana – See if you can get him on a 3-4 year deal with an option for $10-13m.
Let Haren walk – He just never seemed to get it going.
Resign Hunter – He is way to good a mentor for your young players, especially Trout and Bourjos, whom can play 4th outfielder for 1 year.
Trade Wells – Eat a chunk of his contract and try to replenish your minors with if possible, else get bullpen help.
Bullpen – Currently, iirc, will be Frieri, Downs, Walden, Jepsen. Decide if Maronde is for real, and if so, keep. Keep Jerome Williams as long man, he pretty much excelled as that for the most part. See who is available to patch. This is probably biggest thing, as 25% less blown saves and we win the division.
Catcher – Time to decide if Conger is your future or not. I would pick up Iannetta’s contract. Wilson is free agent, I believe.
Kendrys Morales – Decide if you can resign him or not after next season. His agent, Boras, especially if he puts up numbers like he did the last 2 months after getting fully healthy, is going to want a huge contract, so may need to trade him. Wish we didn’t, but we all know how Boras is and Kendrys isn’t happy being only a DH and I don’t think they will see if he can play third.
I would let Izturis walk. Romine is basically a younger cheaper version and 2nd and SS are locked for 3 more years.

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