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Do you think it’s better to resign Zack Greinke, or Dan Haren and Ervin Santana in the off season? — @alexanderck12

The Angels’ preference, I’m told, is still to resign Greinke. A source familiar with the team’s thinking told me recently that he expects the Angels to cut ties with both Santana and Haren this offseason and focus their efforts on signing him to a multi-year extension. So, I expect the Angels to decline their team options on Santana ($13 million) and Haren ($15.5 million) during the exclusive negotiating window and go hard after Greinke (six years, $125 million is the price tag many have associated with him). But if they can’t resign him, perhaps then — and only then, in my mind — they try to bring back Haren and/or Santana.



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I actually wish they would bring back all 3. If we could enter next season with the rotation we are ending this season with, I think it would be excellent, especially if we get a new pitching coach, which I expect will be the case if we miss the playoffs. I fully expect Butcher to be the fall guy for that 6 week period of 6+ ERA after the break. Would love to see Jerry and Mike talk Hershiser into coming in and being the pitching coach.
But, if given the above choice, go after Greinke first. As for the other 2 and why I say pick up the options, is there really anyone on the free agent market better then them?

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They need to bring back at least one of them (santana/haren). I still don’t trust richards and even then we still have an open 5th spot with no options I trust either. The depth in our starting rotation is taking a big hit. Angels are still team that revolves around pitching and a 3 (probably only 2 since wilson is so shaky) man rotation is not gonna cut it.

why won’t the Angels sign all 3? As of now, the free agent market is not lucrative, with Haren probably the best pitcher. We don’t have a single pitching prospect ready for the Majors.

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If they wanted to get real cfraty, they could pretend to trade Greinke to themselves in early July. Just give him a round trip ticket from Milwaukee to Cleveland and back. Make it feel like the real thing.

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