Question of the Day, 9/20 …

Does Sosh hate Greinke? — @gizmosol

Well, no. But Mike Scioscia sure does hate it when Zack Greinke gets to a certain point in the game. As did Ron Roenicke in Milwaukee, apparently. Why exactly is that? I don’t know. Scioscia and Greinke weren’t willing to go into much detail after a heartbreaking 3-1 loss, when Greinke was once again pulled after throwing 109 pitches in a gem. In 11 starts with the Angels, Greinke has surpassed 110 pitches five times, but no more than 115. In 52 career starts with the Brewers (that includes three postseason ones), he’s surpassed 115 three times: 118 in 2012; 116 two times in 2011.

Here’s what Greinke said: “I just pitch as long as I can. We talked about stuff when I first got here of what I feel best in, and he makes his decision from there. … I don’t want to get into the exacts of what I’ve talked about behind closed doors.”

And here’s what Scioscia said …

“I think he’s got a range that he’s comfortable in, we’re comfortable in, and we’re not going to extend anybody. We didn’t lose this game because of what Zack didn’t do out there. He pitched a terrific game, got us to a certain point, and I think when you start to get in a certain range, you want to be careful. He was pushed back once this year, too. You have to balance things out.”

“I don’t know if it’s 110 [pitches], but it’s a certain point in the game. And if we’re stretching him to 115, 120, we’re going to start to push him not only for what he’s going to do bouncing back, but for his career. And I don’t think we’re at that point right now where we want to push that envelope with him.”



What has gone wrong with this team this year? Can anyone explain it to me like I am a six year old.

I mean, I was watching the game last night and thought about everything good that has happened to the Angel organization since the last off season – the acquisition of tow blue chip players, the emergence of what will be the rookie of the year, what I consider the best trade in the MLB this year in getting bullpen help from San Diego, the trade at the deadline that got us arguably one of the best starting pitchers in baseball. On top of that, with the exceptions of a few minor injuries, we have not lost any impact players to season ending injuries this year (unlike Texas who starting pitching has been decimated). Our offense, always an achilles heel in the past, is either 2nd or 3rd in the four offensive categories.

I mean, you take all this into consideration and you have ask yourself, “how can we not AT LEAST make the playoffs”. It’s hard to understand. And don’t tell me the coach – that’s to easy of an out. This is something else – either cultural, a bad mix of players or something. But I am a season ticket holder – I deserve better.

How’s pitching coaches rated.August team ERA was last in MLB..ERA & fielding win many easy plays not done .Start with Butcher.

I also think Butcher will end up being the fall guy. Much like Hatcher earlier, who took the blame for an underachieving offense, Butcher will end up taking the blame for a pitching staff whose starters should be “on paper” the best in the league and whose bullpen should have been better.
The truth is, and as an Angel fan I hate to say it, the Angels are awful in clutch situations, with maybe the exception of Torii, whom they should absolutely resign. To many players hit nice singles and doubles with two outs, no one on, but put them in the same situation with 1 out, 1st and 3rd and you get a double play or popup or bad looking strikeout. Relievers seem the same way, 8 scoreless innings in a row when winning or losing by 3 or more, but need 1 out with a man on second, or if 2 outs and no one on how often do we then see double, single tie game or worse.

Not a Halo fan, but looking at this team its obvious there is plenty of high end talent on the roster, but there are some real weaknesses here as well, which don’t exist on first division teams, Fans generally over value their own players, assigning too much value on potential returns or reminiscing on the past performances of their favorite players,. You can’t think you’re going to win big with Albert C at 3rd, Chris I behind the plate, and a decent but mismanaged bullpen, there are holes on the roster that must be addressed if this team is going to win it all.
But without a doubt the biggest issue here is the Manager, this guy is just unbelievable, how do you justify playing Vernon Wells and sitting Peter Bourgeos ? Teams all over the league would love to plug this guy into their outfield and watch him blossom into a 290,20 hr , 70rbi 50 steal guy with gold glove defense in the middle of the diamond, and Sosh is sitting him for V W. Brilliant.
There is great talent here, But a culture change is needed in the worst way, and it. Needs to start by ship wrecking Sosh on Gilligans Island with the professor, Mary Ann .Thurston Howell iii and Lovie. While providing him with false hope of rescue while under constant threat of being molested by the natives. Hey give him a taste of his own meds

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