Question of the Day, 9/11 …

How do they not send Peter Bourjos? I defend Mike Scioscia all the time, but I can’t on this one. — @rgbyjstn

It’s mentioned in the game story, but I figured I’d expand on it here. After Albert Pujols lined an RBI single to cut the Angels’ deficit to one in the bottom of the ninth, Sicoscia immediately went with Bourjos as his pinch-runner with runners on the corners and none out. But in came Jerry Blevins, whose left-handedness obviously makes stealing a base far more difficult and risky. In 56 1/3 innings heading in, only seven runners have tried to steal off Blevins, who actually has a pretty high leg kick. Four succeeded and three were caught. But Howie Kendrick is prone to the double play. And his game-ending one gave him 22 on the year, tied for third in the Majors.

Here’s Scioscia on Bourjos not going for the attempted steal on any of the eight pitches Blevins threw to Kendrys Morales (strikeout swinging) and Kendrick …

“We were trying. We were looking for an opportunity. But especially against a lefty, it’s going to be a first move, and we just didn’t get a count to do it on and those guys got the double-play ball they needed.”


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Been to my fair share of opening days the year after Harry died was very meolmabre. But as I recall they all had one thing in common: they were all bitterly cold early April afternoons. Gawd I love Wrigley!I can only hope as I do every year that the Cubs will make it to the series. I know someday God will let me see my Cubbies win the WS right God? Right? RIGHT!!!!???!!??!!! Err .where am I? What? How was that again? It’s October and the Spankees are up three games to none on the Brewers? Oh my .

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