Greinke’s final month in an Angels uniform? …

This is the Zack Greinke the Angels expected.

Is it the Greinke they’ll keep?

That’s the question nobody can answer and nobody seems to want to talk about. General manager Jerry Dipoto refuses to comment on anything regarding a potential contract extension with Greinke, the free-agent-to-be who was acquired from the Brewers before the non-waiver Trade Deadline with the hope he’d stay in Anaheim longer than two-plus months. After pitching seven innings of one-run ball in a win over the A’s on Tuesday night, Greinke was asked for his thoughts on this organization thus far, and where he was with regards to a potential long-term stay.

Yep, he doesn’t want to talk about it, either.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Greinke said. “I’ll talk about that maybe when the season’s over — not even definitely, but maybe. … I just don’t think there’s a winning situation with talking about it.”

Then, just before everyone left, he added: “But I like it, obviously. Great city, great team.”

So there you go.

Unless something changes in the next few weeks — and there’s no reason to believe that it would — Greinke will headline a free-agent crop of starters that also includes Joe Blanton, Kevin Correia, Ryan Dempster, Edwin Jackson, Francisco Liriano, Colby Lewis and Anibal Sanchez. R.A. Dickey, Dan Haren, Tim Hudson, Jake Peavy and Ervin Santana have options for next season and could join him, but Greinke is clearly the head of the class.

With a 1.66 ERA over his last three starts, Greinke has turned around his rough start to his Angels tenure and put himself at 12-5 with a 3.82 ERA in 2012, which is essentially on track with his career norms.

If he commands something to the tune of what Matt Cain got before his walk year — six years, $127.5 million — can the Angels swing it? And would they be willing to pay someone else more than Jered Weaver, who signed a bargain-rate five-year, $85 million deal last August?

Nobody knows — or, at least, nobody’s saying.



First thing DiPoto should do is ask Weaver, “If we offer Zack more then you, will it bother you or should we let him go?”.

Well, Greinke hates big cities. Anaheim would be the perfect big spending “small city” for him. So Angels should have a good chance to resign him.

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