Question of the Day, 9/3 …

Since Mark Trumbo is slumping, is Vernon Wells gonna get more everyday starts? — @bsnuckolls

Well, we know he will tomorrow. Mike Scioscia told us postgame that he’ll give Trumbo the day off on Tuesday and Wells will get the start in left field, after reaching base four times in Monday’s win. Don’t think of this as any sort of trend, though. The Angels need Trumbo if they’re going to make up ground and make the playoffs, and they believe he’ll get right again. Scioscia just thinks it’s beneficial for Trumbo — especially Trumbo, who takes slumps harder than anybody I’ve seen — to get a day off and just clear his head. He hadn’t been able to do that previously with Albert Pujols out. We’ll see if it works.


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