Question of the Day, 8/29 …

Should the Angels sign Torii Hunter again? — @rlara1092

If you’re asking me … SURE! But I’m biased. Because I — like every other member of the media — simply love having Hunter around because he’s so great to talk to and he’s such a great person. That, along with the fact he’s still very productive for his age, is a leader in the clubhouse, Arte Moreno loves him and, as Hunter will openly say, he’s willing to take less money and a lesser role to come back here, are all reasons why the Angels would want to bring him back. Right now, though, it’s hard for me to see that happening unless either Peter Bourjos or Vernon Wells are moved. Simply put, if the Angels already have four outfielders on the roster, they’d probably prefer to allocate their money elsewhere. Just my speculation, though.


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I agree. I think they should sign him for 1 more year. I would rather he be mentoring Trout and Bourjos then Wells. And given he is still producing and being one of our more clutch players, is hard to see why not give him 1 more year.

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