Angels Question of the Day, 8/30 …

What must the Angels do to sustain the level of ball they’ve been playing against Boston long enough to clinch a Wild Card? — @aaronburkart

It’s actually very simple: Continue to get solid starting pitching. Like any team, starting pitching rules the day. But with an Angels team that has invested so much money, resources and hope on a star-studded rotation, that’s especially the case. Over a 42-game stretch that began July 3, the Angels’ rotation had a 5.71 ERA and the team went 17-25 in that stretch. Last nine games, the Angels have won seven, and the rotation has a 3.99 ERA with starters going at least six innings seven times (and seven innings five times). The deeper starters get into games, the less of a factor a thin bullpen is and the more of a chance the team has. And it’s not as if they’re asking them to do more than they’re expected.


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